Can you Guess the Flowers?

There is nothing like the look and scent of fresh flowers in your home. They are just wonderful for creating an ambiance, for bringing a touch of Spring, or a look of your garden inside your home, and they add an affordable attractiveness and elegance to any setting. Whether this is in the form of freshly cut blooms grown in your own garden, or shop bought bunches and bouquets, flowers add prettiness, colour and stunning fragrance to any room they grace.

But, when it comes to flowers, how many types of flowers can you actually name? I’m guessing that you will not have any trouble with roses, tulips and daffodils, you can probably also spot something very iconic like a Calla Lily, but what about other varieties? Can you spot a Chrysanthemum from a Petunia, or a Begonia from a Carnation? If you have flowers growing in your garden, it is crucial that you know and recognise them in order that you give them the right conditions to grow – the right soil, the amount of sunlight they prefer, all this is important to get the most from your shrubs.

Rattan Direct have recently put together a brilliant little quiz which tests your knowledge of plants and flowers and looks at how many you can actually recognise. The quiz is designed to find out whether you , in their words, ‘…need to swat up some more on your blooms, or whether you are already a bloomin’ expert gardener!’

You can find the quiz here and give yourself a fun test. You may just discover that you are a new Alan Titchmarsh or Charlie Dimmock, or, like me, you may need to brush up your knowledge to ensure you are getting the best from your garden and growing the most beautiful blooms.