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How to Boldly Add Colour to Your Wardrobe

Let’s face it, black is always the new black. It’s not only the most flattering colour out there but it’s also the easiest colour to mix with other colours, so it’s an all round winner. Because black is so popular it’s really common to sometimes find our outfits lacking a little colour, so today we are going to look at how to add highlights of colour to dark or neutral outfits.

Think Layers

If your outfit is mainly dark, think about adding a layer of colour to bring your look to life. Think about the types of bright vests, tanks, bold patterned camisoles that you can layer into your outfits to pull your ensemble together.


Colour Pop

Think about the items in your wardrobe that add a pop of colour. Look at the colours of your blazers and sweaters and decide which dark trousers, dresses or skirts they would best match. If you’ve boldly ventured into the trend of colourful printed trousers then these are an excellent item to match with neutral or darker outfits to put personality into your style. If you haven’t already bitten the bullet and invested in a pair of bold print pants, now is the time. Try bagging a bargain purchase with an american eagle coupon code and look for items that will bring out your wild and playful side.


Statement Jewelry

Of course this category in the color stakes is a biggie. Colourful statement jewelry is not to be sniffed at when wanting to add instant colour and flair to your outfits. Take a moment to take in the lines and foundation colour to your basic outfit elements and think what colours, shapes and textures would best bring out the neutral undertones of your look.


Eye-Catching Embellishments

Being creative with the way you dress is the best way to really experiment with your own individual style. Playing with a sumptuous faux-fur shrug or a glamorous scarlet velvet scarf can take your outfit from dull and drab to chic and sophisticated in seconds.


It’s all in the Detail

Looking at adding colour through bold sunglasses, daring earrings or colour pop bangles is a sure fire way to make your assemble a real head turner. Adding interesting broaches and hair pieces is a really simple way of having fun with your style and an easy way to jazz up neutral colour palettes.


Work With What Ya Got!

An often overlooked way of adding instant colour is by using your very own features as your colour pop canvass. Painting your nails a bright and cheerful colour will instantly lift your attire. Experimenting with different lip colours is another way to play with your wardrobe and bring your clothes to life. Eyeshadows and eyeliners now come available in every colour imaginable and are a chic and glamorous way to add subtle colours to your overall look. When experimenting with your make-up colour palettes think about your hair and eye colour and also your skin tone and find what works best for you.


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