A Vaping Update

Vaping is a proven way to help people both cut down and quit smoking altogether, and one which shows no sign of disappearing. As I have written in previous posts, changing from cigarettes to vaping helped my husband, a thirty cigarettes a day smoker, to quit altogether three years ago, and he has never been tempted to smoke since. Recently a close friend, another heavy smoker, has switched to a new e-cig brand in order to try to quit the dreaded weed, and this post is talking about some of her findings and experiences.

Vaping has not been without issues, my husband complained about having to keep refilling the e-cigarette, part of the decision to quit came from when he dropped a full bottle of liquid all over himself and the kitchen floor, but a new concept in vaping may well address this particular issue. Vape AYR has created the first vaporiser that refills and recharges itself automatically, which should make vaping not only healthier, but much easier to do. The Vape AYR e-cig also has a glowdown feature that shows exactly how much you’ve vaped during a single session.

But back to my friend, who I will refer to only as E (she’s too shy to be named in the blog). I asked her why e-cigs seem to be helping her to cut down in a way that patches and gum never did. She explained:

“…Some of it is entirely pyshological. I need to feel a cigarette in my hand. I need to inhale, I need to see smoke. I need to still think that I am smoking even though the taste is different. It’s almost like I’m tricking my head, trying to fool myself, and it is working. I still do things I did before, like having a smoke after a meal, but I have also noticed I have cut down quite a lot, so things are on the right track…”

When I asked what differences she had noticed from using vapes rather than cigarettes, E had lots to say.

“…Well, the main one has been money. I honestly can’t believe how much I am saving, and, in all honesty, it is what is encouraging me to continue. Smoking is just too expensive. I’m not going to say I hate smoking – I love the taste if I’m honest, but the cost, and how anti-social it is now makes me want to quit. I hate standing outside in leper’s shelters because I smoke, I’m old enough to remember when you could still smoke on aeroplanes, but society is so different now, you almost feel you have to quit. But I have to say I don’t miss the smell of smoke on my clothes – I never really noticed it but my kids gave me hell. The vapes smell a lot nicer and fresher…”

Finally I asked if E would ever completely give up.

“Not at the moment, I feel really proud that actual cigarettes have gone, but I’ve smoked for so many years I would find it too hard to withdraw completely. I suffer with my nerves and cigarettes do help me feel calmer. But, I never thought I would get rid of ciggies, so never say never. It’s a watch this space answer.”

9 thoughts on “A Vaping Update

  1. I remember when I quit smoking. It was such a nightmare. I wish things like this had existed back then .. because I definitely would have tried it!

  2. I agree I think Vaping is better over smoking. My brother in law and mum both vape now instead of smoking. My mum was a heavy smoker since I was about 10 and for the past 5 years or so she just vapes. But we wont find out for another 10 years or so the long term effects of vaping on your body?

  3. My foster mum uses a vape and she hasn’t smoked for three years because of it. She said that patches didn’t work because they didn’t feel the same x

  4. I definitely feel like vaping is a good option for people who have smoked for a long time and want to quit or cutdown. It sounds like there are a couple of success stories right here

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