Mind the Gap – Stylish interiors from Red Candy

Red Candy is a great place to find stylish pieces for your home with a quirky edge. The brand, which was launched in 2009 as the world’s red only website, is now full of quirky, fun designs (of all colours) that allow you to add fun to your interiors, whilst still retaining a sense of style.  As they say on their website:-

‘Shut up, beige!’ is our battle cry against everything bland, reflecting our mission to cut this lifeless shade down to size and fill our homes with lots of lovely colour instead!

London Underground Coloured Bus Blind Framed Print £39.99 Click to visit Red Candy

As someone who loves a little bit of quirkiness, I quickly found myself enamored with so many pieces on the Red Candy website, and even found I already owned a few, including the fabulous mustard shade retro phone, but one piece really took my eye as something I would love to add to my own home and that was the London Underground Coloured Bus Blind Framed Print. When it comes to the London Underground, I am a total geek, loving everything from the names of the lines, to the iconic Harry Beck Tube map, the idea of the ghost stations that are no longer open and used, to the also iconic signage and mind the gap statements.

The London Underground Coloured Bus Blind Framed Print is a beautiful piece from The Binary Box. This tube-inspired print lists all 13 of the major London Underground lines in white text, in a block which is the same colour as they appear on the underground map, so Bakerloo is brown, Circle line is yellow, District Line is green, etc, etc. The design is stark and striking, especially when contrasted against the black polcore frame. The actual text is similar to the blind styles that appeared on Routemaster buses to display destinations, giving a vintage look to a very modern, minimalist design.

The print is A3 size and would be a very stylish addition to any room. I am going to be displaying mine on my stairs, but this would work well in a living room or kitchen too, or a bedroom for a train made youngster, it really is very versatile.

9 thoughts on “Mind the Gap – Stylish interiors from Red Candy

  1. oh that’s really lovely, perfecter for the Londoner who has moved out of London. I hadn’t heard of Red Candy but will definitely be checking them out

  2. What a wonderful print. I’ve always dreamed of going to London .. maybe I’ll have to bring a little bit of London to myself. Can’t wait to see more of what Red Candy has to offer!

  3. Red Candy have some amazing gift ideas and stylish interiors, don’t they? We got a lot of Easter bits for the kids from there and I was really impressed. I love this print too, it’s right up my street 🙂

    Louise x

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