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Dressing Fashionably – It’s Not Just For The Young!

When I look back at pictures of my grandmother when I was a child she looks like your typical grandmother – long patterned skirt, primly buttoned cardigan and frumpy shoes.  Today though, things are changing – you only have to look at style icons like Lauren Hutton, Twiggy or Iris Apfel to see that fashion is no longer just for the young!  As we age though, it can be difficult – our bodies change and we may no longer be comfortable wearing certain things, so how do you know what to wear?

Review, Reduce and Recycle

It’s a good idea to review your wardrobe every few years, whatever your age – throw out or donate anything that no longer fits, and mend any items that are damaged but you want to keep.  Once you’ve weeded out the rejects, take the opportunity to update your look; go and try lots of different styles and look for wardrobe staples that won’t date.

Keeping Current

A key aspect of dressing fashionably is keeping up with current trends – but that doesn’t mean you have to follow all of them!  Flick through any fashion magazine, and you’ll see that at any given time there are a wide range of trends to follow, so pick what works for you – the mid-riff bearing tops are probably best left to youngsters, but a cold-shouldered top is easy to pull off at any age – with the added benefit of also covering up the often-problematic upper arm area.

If In Doubt, Keep It Classic

At the end of the day, certain classic looks never age – think of the timeless look of Jackie O or Audrey Hepburn.  Well-fitting jeans, a quality plain white tee, a fitted blazer and ballet pumps look good on any women, any age or size – just make sure they are a good fit and the right cut to flatter your shape.

Finish With A Flourish!

Accessories are a great, easy and often inexpensive way to update your look and keep it current.  You may not want to wear the exact same outfit as your grand-daughter, but there’s a high probability you could pull off her earrings or scarf – although maybe leave the sky-high heels to the younger generation!  They also have the added benefit of being easy to swap out and update – a modern statement necklace could be all you need to bring a look right up to date.

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