What’s the perfect blazer for your body type?

We love blazers because they are the superheroes of the closet. They are an essential item of a smart-chic outfit, and versatile enough to wear them inside and outside office settings.

 It’s worth investing in a good one? Totally!

 It’s the one clothing piece that you can translate across all occasions and seasons, you can wear it the entire year-round, and you’ll always look stylish. 

Smart and sleek…flattering on your body. Yes, it’s the perfect fit!

But not all blazers work on your figure, so you need to identify the one that complements your body type

Let’s discover it!

A slim-fit blazer is the right choice for a petite lady

Oversized blazers are amazing, but if you are a small gal, a Kanye-styled blazer will drown you in fabric. You should choose clothing items that don’t swallow you with the excess fabric. A well-fitted blazer will accentuate your waist and hips in the right places. A striped model will create the illusion of a longer body, so if you try to achieve this effect, you should give it a try. 

If the sleeves are too long for your arms, you should get them tailored because there’s no reason to hide your red nails. A well-fitting blazer is your superhero cape at the office. 

A structured jacket adds volume to the top

You have a curvy body and you shouldn’t try to hide it. You should instead create balance by adding a structured tweed jacket on the top. Even if this fall is about ’80-inspired clothing items, we don’t suggest wearing shoulder pads. But a tweed jacket will add the needed structure to your top part of the body. 

Structured jackets are perfect clothing items for both office and street-casual outfits.

A classic fit is perfect for tall ladies

You’re a lucky woman having those long legs and slim figure. You look like a model and you can throw any clothing item on, and you’ll look amazing. Don’t put too much effort into choosing the latest model of the blazer, because the classic fit will work wonders. 

However, you should get rid of the models that have a short hemline because they can add a bad proportion to your body. 

A long blazer adds balance to a large chest

You’re a sexy fox, but when at the office you may want to distract attention from your chest and a long jacket can prove helpful. A sleek model that hits the hips or comes below the hips will flatter your silhouette. Because it hits the hips, it doesn’t add extra weight on top and it creates the illusion of slimmer body shape

Of course, that if you want to give a sexy touch to your outfits you can wear a V-neck blouse underneath. 

A belted blazer for the hourglass shape

Your waist is small, your hips and shoulders are balanced, you look amazing! You should opt for the blazers with waist details to draw attention to your hourglass shape, and accentuate your perfect feminine physique. 

For a stylish outfit, you should wear a belted jacket with a pair of straight-cut trousers.

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