Cannes continues – More Frock Stars and Frock Horrors.

Day 5 and 6 of the Cannes film festival have given us some more looks to sallivate over, and a few others that have left me shaking my head and asking ‘Why’. Good clothes have happened to good people, but bad clothes have also happened to good people. Here are some of my best and worst looks of the last few days.

Good – Elizabeth Olsen in The Row.

It is official, Elizabeth Olsen is the best advertisement ‘The Row’ will ever get. The little sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley wore her sister’s designs, a daytime look in white and a stunning black 1920s flapper look whilst promoting her film ‘Martha Marcy May Marlene’.

Bad – Julie Judd – who found a clever place to put her satin stole when the clock room was full! Trust me, there’s a great green gown under there!

Good – Fan Bing Bing. I think she looked glorious in this two-tone lilac Atelier Versace. This is an ultra romantic gown that she compliments with impeccable grooming.

Bad – Naomi Campbell in Pucci. Yes, she looks amazing, but surely this is a tunic, not a dress. Naomi seems to have forgotten half of her dress. And that lacing at the neck always reminds me of heavy rock videos.

Good – Zoe Saldana in Armani Prive. This red striped Armani dress looks great, but what really makes this outfit effortless and appealing is the lack of fussy hair and accessories. A simple gold cuff is all the adornment needed.

Bad – Mia Wasikowska in Valentino. OK, it;s quite simple. This girl either needs to get some colour in her wardrobe, or she needs to get a spray tan. In this blush Valentino dress,  she is in danger of fading into the carpet. And the Princess Anne hair doesn’t  help matters.

Good – Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace. In this chocolate-brown Versace dress she is  just sheer movie star. This is Hollywood glamour at its best.

Bad – Dasha Zhukova in Valentino. This resembles a scarlet Valentino sheer dressing gown.

Good – Zhang Zilin in Elie Saab. This is one of the beautiful Elie Saab S/S dresses that I absolutely loved, so I am so glad to see them on the dazzling on the red carpet.Note to Dasha, this is how to wear red on a red carpet.

Bad – Li Bing Bing in Elie Saab. Another Elie Saab dress, but this looks too long, too big across the  bust, and, with that leg thrust out, it’s far too Elizabeth Hurley!

Good – ageless French Style courtesy of Isabelle Huppert and Aissa Maiga. Isabelle Huppert looked beautiful in this simple satin column dress. Her hair would be better in a neater updo, but she still seems to grow more beautiful with age. Young French Actress Aissa Maiga shone in a Grecian style blue strapless column dress.

And the most fabulous outfit of the last few days…Gwen Stefani in Stella McCartney. We’ve seen this jumpsuit before,  Iman wore a gold version at the Met Ball, but I think Gwen looked unbelievable in the black version. It’s not for the faint hearted, but Gwen looks like she’s just left Studio 54. Amazing!

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