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    The Motive And The Cue – Live From The National Theatre

    Many cinemas are now showing National Theatre productions on the big screen, and last week, The Light Cinema in Walsall showed a new play, The Motive and the Cue, written by Jack Thorne and directed by Sam Mendes. This premiered on 21 April 2023 at the National Theatre in London, and is now having sporadic filmed showings at selected cinemas around the country. The film of the play portrays the behind the scenes history of the 1964 Broadway modern-dress production of William Shakespeare ‘s Hamlet which starred Richard Burton as the title character in a production directed by Sir John Gielgud . The history of this play was fraught due…

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    Agatha Christie Focus: Murder Is Easy (1982)

    I’ve recently discovered that YouTube is an absolute treasure trove for lovers of Agatha Christie. You can find all manner of oddities on there, from 1930s adaptations of her early books and stories, to more obscure versions of some of her best known books. Murder is Easy is a book that that has very recently been adapted by the BBC, and was shown during Christmas 2023, to some controversy, so I decided now was the perfect time to visit a little known, America version of the book that was made in 1982, and was shown on CBS. This version of Murder is Easy is interesting when we look at the…

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    Stylish Films: Wicked Little Letters

    On Monday, I took a trip to the cinema to see ‘Wicked Little Letters,’ This tells the frankly incredible story of a spate of rather rude, poison pen letters that were sent, initially to one woman, Edith Swan, but later to many other people, in the quite seaside town of Littlehampton in the 1920’s. Edith’s neighbour Rose Gooding, an Irish immigrant who ‘was no better than she should be’ was blamed, and actually jailed for the letters, but the real culprit was later revealed through the clever detective work of  ‘woman PC’ Gladys Moss, with the unravelling of the case proving to be a even more shocking tale than even…