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    Agatha Christie Focus: Murder Is Easy (1982)

    I’ve recently discovered that YouTube is an absolute treasure trove for lovers of Agatha Christie. You can find all manner of oddities on there, from 1930s adaptations of her early books and stories, to more obscure versions of some of her best known books. Murder is Easy is a book that that has very recently been adapted by the BBC, and was shown during Christmas 2023, to some controversy, so I decided now was the perfect time to visit a little known, America version of the book that was made in 1982, and was shown on CBS. This version of Murder is Easy is interesting when we look at the…

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    Stylish Television: And Then There Were None

    ‘And then there were none’ is one of Agatha Christie’s most famous books, one that is often voted her very best story, and it was the first of the recent BBC TV adaptations when it came to the screen in 2015. It’s stage version is currently touring the UK, and I am very excited about going to see it in Birmingham on Wednesday (I saw a previous version a few years ago and you can read that review here.) As a precursor to this, I have just re-watched the BBC version, which is now available on i player. There have been many versions of And then there were none, including…

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    Stylish television: Witness For The Prosecution

    When I posted about Ordeal by Innocence last week, I was asked if I had ever watched the BBC version of ‘Witness for the Prosecution’ that was on the television at Christmas 2016. This prompted me to rewatch this, as all the BBC Agatha Christie adaptations are now on the iplayer, and I was once again struck by just how brilliant Agatha was as a writer, and also by how dark and different this adaptation is to the much loved 1957, Billy Wilder film. Witness for the Prosecution was originally an Agatha Christie short story, one which was then turned into a play. The BBC adaptation goes back to the…