Capturing Those Special Wedding Moments

Your wedding day is the most wonderful of days, full of magical sparkling memories. But ask most brides and grooms and they will tell you that it is over in a flash, with so many things forgotten about, with no real time to savour all that is happening in the joy and emotion of the day. This makes your photographic memories all the more special, to be enjoyed at a later date, and for posterity, to be looked at and shared, to help you remember all that made your day wonderful.

You want to get the best possible photographic memories, so here are a few tips that should help you get a great collection of photographs, from formal official shots, to candid capture the moment clips, and fun ‘let your hair down’ piccies.

Choose Your Photographer Well

Your official shots and photo album are very important, so it is crucial that you choose your photographer well. Read testimonials and look at the style of shots from their example online albums.  You want a photographer who suits your style, so arrange a meeting to discuss what it is you want from the images. Remember this is your special day and you are paying, so you need to be specific and firm in your instructions.

Official Photograph

Look Into Photo Sharing

Most of your guests will have a camera with them in order to capture the day, and they will often have different photographs from the official shots. A great way to get access to these photo’s, and also be able to share them is through wedding photo sharing. Through the use of online photos and apps you can create online albums , inviting your guests to share their photos by emailing them before the wedding. Guests can then share their photographs online during the wedding with a live feed creating a visual timeline. These photographs can then be ordered at a later date, giving you a beautiful full record of your day.

AA guest candid shot

The great thing about this kind of app is that you get a full record of all guests – anyone can be uploading their images, so you get different angles of the official shots, candids of the meal or the entertainment, and shots from all around your venue.

Hire A Photobooth

It has to be said that photobooths are great fun, and provided lots of entertainment once all the official speeches and toasts are over. The best sort of photobooth will enable your guests to either upload their photo’s to Facebook, or print them out as a lovely reminder of a special day. A good idea is to print two images, with one to be placed in an album along with a message from the guest.

Photobooth fun at a recent wedding

Many photobooths will bring their own props – wigs, sunglasses, costumes etc, but you can also pick up specific wedding selfie sets very cheaply at stores like Poundland and Home Bargains. When the Champagne is flowing, the selfie/photobooth can provide the fun shots that provide another memory of a great day.

However you choose to preserve those memories, weddings are wonderful, happy times chocked full of photo opportunities, don’t waste them!

Jessops Open New Concept Store in Sainsburys Oldbury

It is a sad time when it comes to photographs. The days when we ran to have our holiday snaps developed, clutching that treasured roll of film have long since passed, with photographs now destined to live in cyber space, on Instagram and Facebook, no longer placed in albums to be looked at and enjoyed by our and future generations. But photography giants Jessops are aiming to change all this, using their new concept stores to help us fall in love with our photographs all over again.

I was invited to the opening of the new concept store which is based in the Sainsburys supermarket in Oldbury town centre (it will always be Sava centre to me!). The idea of the new store is that it gives you lots of different ways to love and print your images, from fast development of photos from cameras and mobile phones, to prints that appear on canvas, cushions, mugs and photobooks. Many services can be done in the time it takes you to do your shopping, making it both quick and convenient. In addition, the stores have a range of photo albums, scrap booking ideas and interesting and beautiful picture frames to purchase that will showcase your images to perfection.

The store is pretty gorgeous, with all the machines very easy to use, and photographs that can be ready in as little as 25 minutes. I like that the staff are both friendly and knowledgeable, and can give you advice about the options for your photographs, for instance, I wanted to print a photograph onto a canvas  but the res wasn’t really good enough. I was given advice for better options and shown exactly how they would look so I could make an informed decision.

With a great range of Instax instant cameras that will appeal to those who love Instagram, and beautiful displays that show just what you can do with your photographic memories, I think the Jessops concept stores are going to be a great success and help us to once again fall in love with our prints.


Creative Ways to Display Photos in Your Home

Everyone wants a home that is not only nicely decorated, but also tailored to them. The Internet is filled with blogs and websites that can inspire and teach you different ways to display your private photos.

Pinterest alone is filled to the brim with great ideas for DIY home décor – with projects ranging from large and complicated to small and for DIY beginners – but even with the handy Pinterest create-a-board feature, it can be difficult to know where to start.

To get you started, below are some of the top tips for how you can creatively display your favourite photos in your home:



An oldie, but a goldie: have your photos printed onto canvases. You can either do this yourself (although it may take you a couple of tries to get the hang of it) or get a company to make the canvases for you. Most companies will also let you stylize your photos; you can, for example, put a nice filter on them, make them black and white, or convert them into pop art.




Create your own collages of photos, which you can then either have printed as large prints to have framed or you can have them printed on canvasses (as discussed above). Luckily there are loads of collage maker programs out there, which can help you create beautiful collages of your favourite photos for free.

Pin it on a map
If you are a multinational or a well-travelled family (or maybe you just want to show off your favourite holidays) why not combine your photos with a map? Hang up a high-quality map print – whether it be of a single country, one continent or of the whole world – print a handful of photos and pin them onto the locations they were taken. You can also get some art tape, like a specific colour, tape your photos onto the map and then frame it.

Incorporate nature
If you have an affinity for the outdoors, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate nature into your home décor: you can, for example, mount a dried branch on your wall and hang some photos from it, or you can press some flowers or leaves and glue them to a photo canvas. There are plenty of guides online on how to do this. Just make sure the flowers or leaves are properly dried. There is also the option of having photos printed onto some small flowerpots and placing them in a window.

Hang from fairy lights

Fairy lights always make a room look more cosy and homely, and you can now buy fairy lights that have hooks for hanging pictures! This is a particularly nice idea for a bedroom, a reading nook or they can even add a personal touch to a home office. These fairy lights come in several sizes, so whether you want to display 5, 10 or 20 photos, all you need to do is think about what photos you want to display and the size of the space you want to hang them over.