Christmas Gift Ideas For Families And Couples

Christmas is most definitely coming. I went into John Lewis in Birmingham last week, went up an escalator, and arrived in what looked like a grotto. If I ever needed a reminder that we are not too far away from the most wonderful time of the year, then that was certainly it.

So I am now starting on my Christmas gift guides, and this one is all about buying for more than one person, maybe a couple or a family gift.

A Family Portrait From Posterhaste

I absolutely love these. A great gift idea for a family is a family group portrait from Posterhaste. These work for most family groups, as you can add all your family members, including the pets to your group, along with personalisation about those members.

Each member of the family is then rendered as a stick character, but you can add details like beards, hair styles and hair colour and colour and facial expression (truly perfect if you have a scowling teen). You can then order this as a poster, or as a framed print ready for the wall. The sizing starts from 10×8, going up to 16×12.

My print

I think this is just gorgeous, it captures your family in a snapshot in time and is suitable for pretty much any room. Prices start from just £20, and this is the very definition of a thoughtful gift. It is also, as Posterhaste says, so much easier than trying to get the whole family to pose for a photograph!

A Hot and Not Duvet From Nanu

This is the perfect gift for a couple who always complain about the duvet. You know what I mean, one person is kicking it off moaning they are too hot, whilst the other wraps it around them complaining about the cold.

The new hot and not duvet from Nanu totally addresses this age old problem by allowing you to design your own duvet where one side is thicker, a higher tog, than the other. This means you can still sleep in the same bed, with the same duvet, but can both get a comfortable night sleep.

Nanu Says:-

our promise

your perfect duvet

designed by you

made by us


2 year guarantee


a good night’s sleep

I think this is a brilliant gift idea if you know a couple where one is too cool for school, and the other is too hot to handle.

Find out more by clicking here

A Gift Experience from Buy A Gift

Another great idea for couples is to buy a gift experience that they can enjoy together. Buy A Gift is brilliant for this, as it has a wide range of choice when it comes to experiences that range from restaurants and afternoon teas, to spa days and hotel stays.

They also cater for the more adventurous couples, with zip wiring, indoor skydiving, driving experiences, escape rooms and bungee jumping all available for those who like to live life on the edge.

A gift experience is just a great idea for a couple who seem to have everything and enjoy experiencing new things as a couple. Visit Buy a Gift here.

A photo book from Motif Photos

Motif provides the perfect personalised gift guaranteed to make Christmas more meaningful. The free-to-download app on iOS and MacOS helps users create beautiful photo books, calendars and cards using all the wonderful moments and memories that they have captured in photos across the years.

Motif allows you to use all those photographs that you already have stored on your phone and turns them into wonderful gift ideas. You could create a book of first memories for a couple who have welcomed a baby in 2019, or a special ‘brag book’ for grandparents to carry around so everyone can see how beautiful their grandchildren are.

The prices are really reasonable, with photo books starting from £6.99 and calendars from £15.99. These are lovely stocking fillers and a very personal gift choice that shows real thought about the people receiving it.


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