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Christmas Trends From Jeulia

If you are looking for something really beautiful as a Christmas gift for a loved one, then this year you must check out the ranges from jewellery experts Jeulia. They are always at the forefront when it comes to the key trends, and their range is so extensive that you can find a gift for even the fussiest of friends and family.

Here are some of their top finds for Christmas 2023.

Gothic Styles

Gothic jewelry has been a huge trend in 2023, mainly thanks to the success of ‘Wednesday’ starring the fabulous Jenna Ortega. Gothic styles are for those who love Bauhaus and The Cult, think Halloween is the best time of the year, and love every colour, so long as it is black.

The Soul of Darkness collection is already a big hit with Jeulia customers, combining the likes of skulls, roses and thorns, dark hearts, bones and celestial symbols, with dark gemstones. Most of these pieces are sterling silver, which is a better fit than gold for the theme, and the ornate metalwork make these truly exquisite pieces.

My key piece is the “Gothic Rose” Flower Sterling Silver Ring which is truly unique and beautiful.

Engagement Rings

People get engaged all through the year, but Christmas is especially popular when it comes to plighting your troth. So what kind of jewelry rings will be popular for those seeking to get engaged at Christmas 2023?

The answer is that it is all about a single stone of the cut of your choice. Moissanite is an extremely popular alternative to diamonds, especially when teamed with the ultra luxurious and elegant Platinum.

My Key piece is the Jeulia Gold Platinum Round Cut Ring that is beautiful, simple and elegant. This would be perfect for those who love minimalism in their fashion choices, and would be a beautiful match to a simple Platinum band wedding ring at a later date.

Custom Rings
Christmas is a great time to give a personalised gift, and rings are a great item to have personalised. This can be as simple as having a name or date engraved in the band, or as clever as having a band that is actually made up of the name of the recipient. Custom Rings are unique and personal and show real thought on the part of the giver.

Another idea for a personalised ring is the traditional signet ring style that has an initial as its centrepiece. These are a great idea as a gift for a teenager who is just getting their first ring.

My key piece is the Jeulia “A Little Sparkle” Monogram Sterling Silver Personalized Ring.



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