Creating A Perfect Kids Room Involves 5 Simple Additions

When your child was a baby, you and your partner decorated your baby’s room exactly the way you wanted it. You may have had a baby animals’ theme, or a nautical theme. Now that your child has outgrown their baby bed and he or she is able to speak, they may want a different room than the one you envisioned for them. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are some suggestions for creating the perfect kids’ room for your child. 

Start With A Framework

First, you’ll want to think about what color you want for the walls. Ask your child what they would like. Many young children want hot pink or electric blue. They may even want stripes. However, they will get bored with that over time. Suggest a softer color for their walls. If your son wants a bright blue or bright lemon yellow, show him different shades and let him make the choice. That way, he will enjoy the paint on his walls for a longer period of time. 

After you select the paint, it’s time to think about the window treatments. You will want the window treatments, such as curtains, to reflect the theme of the room. For example, if your daughter wants a princess castle theme, you may want to make window treatments look like turrets. 

Add An Essential Play Area

Once you have a framework for the room, you’ll want to then add other elements to create the perfect room. One essential piece of a child’s room is that the room have space for play. You may want to have an area for a fort, or a table for games. Indoor play is essential for a child’s development, so be sure you leave space for that. While you have a space for play, you’ll also want to have space for their toys to go when they are gone. A storage chest, cubby or toy box would give your child a place to store their toys when they are not using them. If you have an older child, a gaming area could be a must, a space for consoles, complete with a gaming chair could make an ordinary bedroom into a haven for a teen or tween.

Give Them Space to Work

You will also want to leave an area for work or studying. If your child is young, the space could be used for art, such as coloring, cutting or painting. You’ll want to have a desk or a table as a workspace. You can also have art supplies or school supplies in a cubby close to their workspace. That way, your child will be able to neaten his or her room easily by putting things in baskets into their cubby. Even small children can pick up their supplies and put them away. 

What Else Should I Plan For?

After you have planned for work areas and play areas, you need to give some thought to the bed. Your child’s bed should reflect the overall scheme of the room. If your son loves space, it is fairly easy to find a bed in the shape of a rocket or a lunar vehicle. For a girl’s room, you could find a canopy bed that would easily transform into a fort or a castle for play. If you have young relatives over frequently, or your child is old enough to have sleepovers, you can opt for bunk beds. Bunk beds are a great way to save space, and to create a great place for your child to read and have creative play. 

You need to think about storage for your child’s clothes. For example, your child’s room may need a dresser. Dressers can be tall and narrow, or low and wide. If you have a young child, you will need to anchor the dresser to the wall, so that it doesn’t tip over on them. 

Let Them Show Off Their Passions

Finally, think about what your child is passionate about, and try to incorporate it into their room. If your son or daughter loves to collect bugs or shells, be sure and give them room to house their collections. You may want to have a table for your child to work with their collection, and you could add storage shelves for them to show off what they have created. Is your child a book lover? You need to add bookshelves, and a small couch, chair, beanbags or floor pillows for them to use while they are reading. Does your son or daughter love to look at the stars? You might want to incorporate a telescope, stars and planets into their room. 

Your child’s room is a reflection of their personality. By redecorating their room, you are showing them you recognize they have a personality, and they are able to make decisions for themselves. The more you make your child’s decisions a part of their room redesign, the more they will cherish their hideaways.

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