Date Night Looks And Ideas For 2021

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When it comes to date nights at home, there are a lot more options available to you and your partner than just Netflix and chill!

As much as I love going out for a date night, particularly if it’s at a swanky new restaurant or a trip to the theatre to take in a show, there is something so special about creating a romantic experience at home.  

This doesn’t mean, however, that you need to get lazy about your appearance because you’re “just at home”. The ideas for date nights in that I’ve compiled in this post are the perfect opportunity to get dressed up. After all, you need to look glamorous for all those selfies you’ll be taking for the ‘gram!  

1. Picnic Indoors 

Get creative with your home and transform rarely-used or intriguing spaces into a place to have a romantic picnic. Your backyard or balcony is an obvious choice, or you can even clear out some space in your living room, lay down a tartan blanket and open all your windows to get that authentic spring breeze going.  

Since it’s your picnic, you and your partner can have fun making all your favourite sandwiches and snacks. You could even theme your picnic to a particular decade or a completely different season if it’s the middle of winter. Get out your favourite vinyl records beforehand and set up a playlist of the songs and albums that have sentimental value to your both. 

To top the date off, put on your lightest and breeziest summer outfit. A diaphanous maxi dress, a light shift dress, or even a super-cute skater dress are styles that will work with the overall vibe of the evening.

2. Have a night at the Casino  

A casino night at home might not be the obvious choice for a romantic date night, but it can be a lot of fun. It’s the perfect opportunity to dress up to the nines and live out your inner Ginger McKenna fantasies! 

It’s actually really easy to bring Las Vegas to your living room. If you or your partner are new to casino gaming, digital platforms run free spins offers so you can try out some games without having to make a deposit. 

As far as outfits go, choose your slinkiest cocktail dress and pair it with those killer ‘car to bar’ heels that you’ve got hidden away in your wardrobe. Combine with some vampy makeup and a sleek blow-dry – think Veronica Lake if you really want to impress – and unleash your inner femme fatale!   

3. Play Indoor Mini Golf 

If you happen to be one of those poor, unfortunate souls who was never taken to play mini-golf on your early dates, now’s your chance to experience this fun game without having to leave your house.  

Thanks to online shopping platforms like Amazon and eBay, it’s the easiest thing in the world to pick up a mini-golf set for under £20. If it’s a sunny evening or afternoon, you can set the golf course up in your garden; otherwise, your living or dining room will work just as well. Just make sure you move any breakables beforehand. 

For a mini-golf date, you do want to wear something comfortable that you can easily move around in, but that doesn’t mean you need to scrimp on style. Your favourite skinny or slimline jeans paired with a bright t-shirt or light jumper gives an effortless and relaxed vibe.

4. Go Camping in your Living Room 

Or dining room, spare room, or even your back garden if you can brave the cold outdoors! Build a pillow fort, light some candles, put the fire on and have an evening entirely to yourselves. 

Things to do during your camping date include playing trivia or guessing games, telling scary stories, and making s’mores. Remember, this is your date night so it’s entirely up to you how you spend the time, just make sure you unplug your WiFi and switch your mobiles off to get that authentic in the woods experience.  

Since you’ll be camping in the comfort of your own home, you can afford to sacrifice practicality for glamour with your outfit. Stay within the theme by wrapping up in the softest cashmere knitwear you have, or even whip out some silk pyjamas and a velour robe.  

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