Discovering ‘Cinco De Mayo’ with Discovery

Cooking is not my strong point, I like meals that are quick and easy to produce. But I must admit to being a fan of Mexican food. I love the spices, the Salsa and the combinations of heady flavours. So when I was asked if I would be interested in trialing some new products from the Discovery range, I was interested (and yes, almost licking my lips in anticipation of a rather slap up teatime treat).

The package arrived and contained the basis for a Mexican feast in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, a very special day of Celebration commemorated each year on the 5th of May in both the USA and certain regions of Mexico. There was ‘The Perfect Fajita Kit’, containing wraps, marinade and salsa, a jar of Cajun seasoning and spices, and the new garlic and herb sour cream – the perfect accompaniment for adding coolness to counteract all those spices. We were all set.

Simply Spiced Chicken and Peppers (all cooking done by the hubby, can’t really take the credit for his hard work, but someone had to wield the camera.)

First marinade the chicken in season mix.

Add oil to a large pan and fry chicken on a medium heat until cooked through.

Slice mixed peppers and onions and fry on a medium heat in a second pan, add second packet of season mix to add extra spice and flavour to the peppers.

When chicken is cooked, add the stir in  Cajun sauces. Bring to boil, then simmer for a few minutes.

Prepare yellow rice, a crunchy side salad and add tomato salsa to a small bowl as accompaniments.

Let everyone serve themselves, (including the little ones), using the tortilla wraps to mop up the sauce from the plates. (it’s too good to waste!)

The Sour Cream with garlic and herb was a real revelation. A new product that I had never before tried, this is a really tasty sauce/relish that would be great as a dip for breadsticks and tortilla chips, as an alternative relish for spicy veggie burgers, and is, of course, great with traditional Mexican and Cajun flavours. The Cajun marinade packed in lots of heat, so the Sour Cream acted as a cooling agent, which added a lovely contrast to the dish. The garlic was very subtle, not overpowering as some garlic mayonnaise can be, adding just a slight twist to the flavour. I would totally recommend you give this a try and add it to your trolley next time you’re in the World Foods aisle of the supermarket.

In collaboration with Britmums and Discovery foods, who sent the Discovery kit.

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