Have You Joined Lucky Checkout?

In our current climate, we all like something that is free. This is certainly true when it comes to doing our shopping. Whether this be buying one item we have had our eyes on for some time, shopping for a gift for a loved one, or doing a more concise online shopping spree at Christmas, if we can save money, or get something for free, that is always a bonus that we wish to take.

The Lucky Checkout Club is an online reward scheme for shoppers. It has been described as the premium bonds of loyalty and reward schemes. It is described this way because shoppers are automatically entered into a monthly prize draw to win a large cash prize each time they shop via the Lucky Checkout Club site. You can win simply by shopping – how amazing is that?

So How Does It Work?

Using the Lucky Checkout Site is so easy. You simply have to sign up (for free – there are no hidden charges) and then you can use the toolbar to search for the store or brand that you want to visit. There are lots of stores to choose from, ranging from Lego to Wowcher, to Superdrug, Currys, Boden and Vivienne Westwood. Once you visit the brand or store by way of the Lucky Checkout website, your visit is recorded, and once you make a purchase, you are then entered into the free monthly draw to win a cash prize. It is that simple.

The more people who join and use the Lucky Checkout Club, the higher the prize pot gets, so there is definitely an advantage to sharing the site with your friends so that you basically share the love!

In addition to the free prize draw, Lucky Checkout Club will send you information about special offers, as well as coupons and voucher codes for favourite brands, so you will also be able to make savings on your purchases.

The Lucky Checkout Club Shopping Tool

As well as the website, you can install the Lucky Checkout shopping tool on your browser which ensures you never miss out on entry to the prize draw, or any of your favourite retailers offers and discounts. The tool is again free to download and install and literally takes a minute to do this. The shopping tool means you can enter the prize draw with one click when you are at almost all retailer’s websites. It also shows vouchers when you enter a retailer’s website (if the retailer currently has any offers like money off or free delivery options). For this option alone I think it is worth installing, rather than having to trawl the web for a particular voucher site.




A Voyage of Discovery Awaits at Fashion Events

If you love fashion, you’ll almost certainly love shopping, and you have a wide choice of outlets available. You can visit your favorite stores in person, or browse any number of websites and catalogs online. There’s no shortage of shopping opportunities, and access to fashion information and news has never been easier. What more could you want? Well, how about turning your passion into a day out, a special trip, or even a holiday?

Shows and fairs

With so much competition on the internet, many companies are choosing to showcase their products at shows and fairs, like Roma Designer Jewelry. There’s no doubt that being able to see how a bracelet looks on you, feel the fabric of a dress or try on a stunning pair of shoes is a far more rewarding experience than looking at a series of photos and reading the sales blurb on a website. If you’re not sure where to find out about events in your area, ask at your local library or search online using the places and items you are interested in as your search terms. For example, if you search for “fashion roadshows” in your local area, you’ll get a calendar of events to view. It’s also worth searching for more general events, such as craft fairs and antique markets, as smaller designers often showcase at these events, and you could find something pretty exclusive!

A trip to the city

Big cities across the States will have catwalk events as well as regional fairs and local markets. You could spend a weekend in New York, combining a visit to iconic luxury stores such as Tiffany and Valentino with a browse around the stalls at a street fair. You don’t have to spend the whole trip shopping, there’s no shortage of entertainment in the city, and if you go with your partner or children, there will be plenty of things they can enjoy doing if they get bored of looking at shoes!

Take a fashion vacation

Why not go the whole hog and book a vacation overseas? There are world famous fashion shows aplenty, so you could visit London Fashion Week and see the latest designs on the catwalk, or take a tour of Milan or Paris. While you’re there, you can explore some of the local markets and fairs, where you will find all sorts of clothes, shoes, and accessories that might not be available at home. Visiting these great cities is an amazing experience, with the opportunity to experience diverse cultures and visit iconic tourist destinations.

Whether you take a trip to your nearest mall to see college students showcasing their designs, or you jet off for two weeks to a fashion hotspot abroad, there will be an option to suit your lifestyle and budget. The remarkable thing about fashion is that you never know where you will find a design that blows your mind. You don’t have to spend big bucks to find something special, and the local fairs and markets will be full of amazing products for you to discover.

Treat Yourself To A New Handbag This Autumn

If there is one fashion item that I cannot resist, it is the lure of a new handbag. When it comes to clothes and shoes I can hold myself back, but a handbag…

I think it’s something to do with it being a treat item that you can use, whenever. It doesn’t matter if you lose or gain weight, your bag is totally forgiving. You can choose a designer label and it should last you for years, but the High Street often has the most covetable bags each season. You can choose a different design to match every outfit, or can opt for a totally classic investment piece that will work whatever you are wearing. Whether it be the lure of leather or suede, or if you are a magpie drawn to sparkling pieces, there is a handbag out there waiting for you.

Karl Lagerfeld K bag

A new season can mean the chance to indulge in a new bag, and if you can make a substantial saving on the cost, then that can only be a good thing. Love the Sales collates all the best prices around and currently has a huge selection in their handbag section. This includes designer names like Lulu Guinness, Karl Lagerfeld, Ralph Lauren and Kenzo and fabulous High Street brands like East, Dune, Ted Baker and Karen Millen. They have all different bag shapes, from totes that work well as work bags and everyday bags, to clutch and box bags that will be brilliant come the party season.

Kenzo A4 Occasions Pouch

With savings that start at 20% and go up to more than 50%, you can be assured that you will find a fabulous buy at its very best price.

Here are some of the current savings that have caught my eye and have been added to my handbag wish list. Now I just need to find a little more room to store them all…

Carvela Rachel Quilted Bag

French Connection Cara Body Bag

DKNY Greenwich Clutch Bag

Lulu Guinness Kooky Cat Perspex bag

Grey snake cross body mini chain tote bag

Biba Jenna Top Handle Shoulder Bag

You can find all the bags featured at Love the Sales, bag sales are updated regularly.