The 70s are back!

I love the 70s. It’s definitely my favourite style decade. I love everything that was stylish about the decade. I love everything that was bad taste about the decade. I just love the 1970s!

As a child of the 1970s I adored the girls from Abba, having a much treasured Agnetha doll wearing that satin cat print tunic. I loved Debbie Harry singing ‘Sunday Girl’, the hairstyles of Charlie’s Angels, especially the wonderful Cheryl Ladd, and I loved sequins. I didn’t notice the style icons of the decade that I now revere – Lauren Hutton, Angelica Huston, Bianca Jagger, Tina Chow, The Great Gatsby and Halston. But I did love Charlie perfume, and even now I can’t resist its retro glamour. (An Aunt once gave me a bottle as a very late, last-minute Christmas gift, she’d got it at a local chemist and I was frankly over the moon!).

And that’s why I am so excited about this season’s 1970s style revival. Magazines like Grazia and Vogue have been full of the likes of Joan Jett, Stevie Nicks, Diane Keaton and Grace Coddington snaps from the 1970s. Marc Jacobs is channelling the Jodie Foster style of Taxi Driver. Derek Lam cites the minimal look worn by Diane Keaton in Interiors as an influence, whilst Topshop has a range entitled ‘Abigail’s Party’.



Fashionista’s have been quick to adopt 70s styles, from a range of different influences. Rihanna rocked a real Studio 54 look on New Years Eve, complete with Charlie’s Angels style flicky hair.

Khloe Kardashian wore a beautiful strapless gown to the ‘People’s choice awards’ that reminded me of a similar red strapless dress that Elizabeth Taylor had worn to the Oscars in 1976.

Florence Welch performed at the Marquee club relaunch looking like a cross between a glam rock goddess and a Stevie Nick’s ethereal hippy type.

In Elie Saab

Mena Suvari has updated the sexy Sandy from Grease look for the noughties. Ditching the curls for waves, but keeping those trousers very, very tight!

Nicole Ritchie has that luxe boho look first favoured by Ali McGraw in the classic weepie ‘love Story’. Floppy 70s style hats are a style must for this look. This 70s look is super stylish. There are no signs of Kipper ties, garish flares, tank tops or anything in crimpline. This is 70s style with all the bad bits removed, leaving a sleek, ultra wearable look that suits a range of body sizes, ages and personalities. So whether you are a disco queen at heart, or a bit of a dippy hippy, you’ll find something to suit this season.


More 70s styles to savour…

Remember those early 1970’s editions of Top of the Pops, when the camera used to scan across the audience who were dancing to the likes of TRex and Slade? Well, that’s what Kirsten Dunst reminds me of in this white dress. Very Marsha Brady isn’t it?








Ophelia Lovibond shows off that draped, mid 1970’s look reminiscent of designs worn by the likes of Bianca Jagger and Angelica Huston in their super stylish heyday. Just love that emerald shade of green.









Whitney Port shows off that sunkissed California girl style in this stylish jumpsuit. This has a definite retro styling to it, with Whitney looking like a young Mariel Hemingway from Manhatten. (1979).

















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