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Distinctive Designs In The World Of LVT

A person’s home should be reflective of themselves in every area – from furniture choice to colour schemes to how the room is set out. 

With this in mind when building an identity from the ground up, your flooring throughout the home should be a major consideration before fitting out your dream home. Luckily, with the advent of luxury vinyl, such as Distinctive flooring, you explore that avenue at a fraction of the cost and hassle you would receive with the real thing.

So what kind of design are you?

Light Wood

Having that all-natural look and feel to your home showcases your peace-loving nature in a bright interior. 

With light shade curtains and blinds, you can feel the natural benefit on those sunny days when a lightwood vinyl floor gives the room a glow. If you like to lay on the couch with a good book and cup of tea, light wood vinyl will layer calming ambience to the room, allowing you to relax and soak in the feel of a back-to-nature environment.

Dark Wood

Feeling a more sophisticated and moody atmosphere, dark wood vinyl is a choice for those who like to display a touch of class and elegance in their surroundings.

Whilst some like to match furniture and cabinets to match the dark look to give a feel of consistency, some like to marvel at the reflective qualities a dark wood floor can provide with an ever-present shine. Opaque wood vinyl such as, grey oak flooring, is perfect for those who look to have a study area or office within the home, adding that mark of professionalism and grandeur for those who visit.


The look of stone vinyl is perfect for those whose home is their castle.

Without the risk of damage that natural stone can endure, a look of stone vinyl – dark or light – adds a look and feel of a high-class homestead which enriches the room and impresses those who come over. Perfect for your study, living room area, bathroom or kitchen, the stone effect vinyl provides warmth instead of cold due to vinyl flooring’s perfect companionship to underfloor heating. That is a huge relief when you don’t have to replace chipped stone or cracked areas.

A World of Choices

Distinctive vinyl flooring offers so many different worlds at the same price all around. With so many suppliers with unique and established designs and palettes at your disposal, it can open your eyes to explore your inner desires for your home.

With Distinctive vinyl flooring, you can have any world at your feet for much less.

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