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Another Agatha Christie Trail

Last year I was lucky enough to pay two visits to Agatha Christie’s neck of the woods, that is, the English Riviera area of Devon. This is my second post featuring some of the places you can visit to enjoy Agatha, without having to pay an entrance fee (you can find the first here.)

Galmpton -The Greenway Walk

Galmpton is one of the nearest villages to Greenway, Agatha Christie’s holiday home, and is a gorgeous place to visit for a Sunday lunch. Galmpton has links to Agatha, and if you look around the village you can see signs which highlight the Greenway walk, a 1 and 3/4 walk to the house, a walk well worth doing on a sunny day.

On any Agatha Christie trail you must head back to Torquay, the place of her birth. On the promenade you will see a large picture of Agatha on roller skates on Princess Pier. A young Agatha loved to skate, and this picture is definitely a photo opportunity for any Agatha fan.

Another must visit spot in Torquay is the tourist information board. This is the start of the Torquay Agatha trail and the site of the first plaque, and is also a great place to find unusual Agatha information books, as well as some of her most famous novels. You can pick up leaflets about the Agatha trail, and also about the Agatha festivals that take place in the town each September. The staff are also a font of information, telling me all about the actress Julia McKenzie, who played Marple on television, and actually lives very close to Torquay.

If you are in Paignton, just along the coast from Torquay, then you might see this majestic building. The Paignton Picture House is currently being restored to it’s former glory. Opened in 1914, this was one of Agatha’s favourite cinema’s, she sat in row two, seat two, in the circle. In her books, whenever the Gaiety Cinema is mentioned it is actually the Paignton Picture House that she is writing of.

I will be writing about Greenway and its famous boathouse soon, so keep popping back for more Agatha content.

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