Dreaming of Summer and Ice Cream

I just love Ice Cream. It is a fact that everyone close to me knows very well, I’ve even put it on my Twitter profile. Chocolate, toffee, caramel and coffee (made a rhyme there!) are my fave flavours, but I’m also very partial to Vanilla as long as it is Cornish, or mint choc chip too. Ice Cream Sundaes are definitely amongst my very favourite things, and now I seem to be passing this passion onto Joe. Check out the photographic evidence below for further proof.




Part of the charm of traditional ice cream is eating it from a van, in Summer sunshine. When I pay a visit to my mom’s on sunny afternoons, I also listen out for the chimes that come from Ben Whippy – the local ice cream man. Nothing beats a Mr Whippy cone with a flake and red juice all over it. Van Monster, who offer commercial vehicles for sale, think exactly the same, and in celebration of the cult of the ice cream van they have created this fun infographic that is just full of facts that I never knew. For instance, I never realised that Mr Whippy and Mr Softee had been around for so long. (Mr Softee hit the UK in 1959, with Walls developing Mr Whippy not long after in the early 1960s.)

I’m so looking forward to lazy days on the beach with a 99, but for now I will just enjoy reading about one of my favourite things.

Evo of Ice Cream Van (Slice1)

Evo of Ice Cream Van (Slice2)

Evo of Ice Cream Van (Slice3)

Evo of Ice Cream Van (Slice4)

Evo of Ice Cream Van (Slice5)

Evo of Ice Cream Van (Slice6)

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