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Euro 2016 – My Highlights and best bits

It has been far from a spectacular tournament, and I was totally disappointed with the final winners being a team who had only won one game in 90 minutes, and had finished third in their group, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t enjoyed Euro 2016. I’ve loved it! From Giroud opening the tournament with a cracking goal, to Eder’s final flourish, there has been a lot to enjoy for football fans this summer. Here are some of my favourite moments from a Summer of Football.

Giroud, Giroud, Giroud

I think Olivier Giroud has been one of the stars of this tournament, because when he is around, there is never a dull moment. From a man of the match, 2 goal, brilliant performance against Iceland and finding that perfect partnership with the brilliant Griezmann, to bringing Twitter to the realms of hysteria after a snail slow, breakaway run against Germany, Giroud is one of those players who polarise opinion, but has managed to have a pretty good tournament overall and has changed a lot of opinions.

Twitter basically loves to talk about Giroud, and with three goals (joint second top scorer), a couple of good assists, a touching moment comforting team mate Mezut Ozil after France defeated Germany, and a stunt double in team mate Benoit Costil, Giroud has been the football star on social media. Even in the final moments when he wasn’t on the pitch (big mistake Didier when you were deciding to float big kicks into the box) there were Giroud tweets related to his replacement Gignac, hilariously described as Poundland Giroud and BTec Giroud. And we can’t not mention that celebrating a goal with Olive should carry a health warning, just ask poor Dimitri Payet. Or that training may be dangerous too, says Patrice Evra.

His face on the final whistle sums it up. He’s heartbroken, but still totally beautiful. It made my tournament having him in it until the final day.





And, of course, there was this….

The Irish Fans

The Irish fans came to win hearts and party. They did both. Both Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland got out of their groups to make the last 16, and they showed a lot of bottle and guts on the pitch. Their fans were friendly, with videos of them serenading everyone from a nun to a pretty French girl, changing tyres and singing a lullaby to a baby on a train. They even charmed the French police. In times of fighting and violence, they were a breath of fresh air.


Feeling a bit smug about this one. I said Wales would be the surprise package of the tournament, and they were simply amazing. From Gareth Bale’s masterful free kicks, Hal Robson Kanu and that goal (which led to my boy virtually screaming ‘he’s Cruyff turned him’ in wonder), to the breakout star James Chester, who has made a lot of team of the tournament lists, Wales didn’t come to make up the numbers, they came to win it, and came within touching distance. And it was simply wonderful.

Iceland’s Thunderclap Viking chant

Apparently, this was pinched from Motherwell fans, or so the story goes. Whatever the truth is, 2016 will be remembered as the year of the Iceland fans Viking Thunderclap, which is, quite possibly, the scariest fan celebration I have ever seen. But that hasn’t stopped it being stolen by lots of other teams and groups of fans, including the French side, who did it for their fans when they saw off Germany.

It is an awe inspiring celebration, but I am so hoping we don’t see it at Premier League matches, I may just have to hide under my seat…


Some great matches, some great goals

It wasn’t a vintage tournament, with too many games disappointing, but a couple of games that I did love including anything involving Wales, France V. Iceland, Portugal V. Hungary (with Zoltan Gera turning back time), Italy’s early games (before the Zaza/Pelle horror show against Germany in that penalty shoot out.) Great goals came from Gareth Bale, Dimitri Payet, Antoine Griezmann (the player of the tournament and Golden Boot winner, both well deserved.) and even from England’s Eric Dier, who gave us all high hopes with that glorious free kick against Russia.


Football Soccer - England v Russia - EURO 2016 - Group B - Stade V¿lodrome, Marseille, France - 11/6/16 England's Eric Dier celebrates after scoring their first goal REUTERS/Eddie Keogh Livepic

Ronaldo’s Moth

It now has over 50 Twitter (Flutter???) accounts and was probably the star of last night’s dull final. Yes it can only be the cheeky moth who added insult to Ronaldo’s injury last night. Apparently leaving the stadium lights on overnight at the Stade de France led to an invasion of moths, which can only lead me to put my most Peter Kay voice on and say ‘that’s what happens when you leave big light on…’.


Au Revoir Euro 2016, it’s been a fun ride. How many days now until the Premier League starts???

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  • Kim Carberry

    I’m not a fan of football usually but I have loved Euro 2016 and I’m quite sad it’s over….I watched nearly every match and got right into it.
    Fantastic round up….
    I loved the Irish fans & Iceland’s clapping. Everyone seems to be doing it now.
    The moths really made me laugh! Fancy leaving the lights on. lol

  • David Bunce

    I think it’s been a pretty colourful month of Football celebration. There is nothing like a summer tournament with home nations participating in it to get the mouth watering. The 3 matches a day in the group stages are stuff dreams are made of , the announcement of 2 , 5 and 8 o’clock kick offs excited me and my 5 year old lad beyond belief. The stage was set , the kits were purchased and expectation as ever for success was at fever pitch. Then the reality , the harsh reality that English football dominated by finance not success will never be able to produce a TEAM able to compete on the World/European stage whilst bigwigs at the FA by their own self admission are ” Not Football experts ” however are experts at budget , expenditure and capitalising/milking the everyday fan. The reality that if you don’t play for an established top 6 club it’s highly likely you won’t play for England. Another even harsher reality that the arrogance our rivals say has affected the English game for years is true epitomised by the ITV Pundits at half time whilst losing to Iceland discussing whether Joe Hart should be dropped for the 1/4 final against France !!!! Yes the whole tournament sadly apart from a few magical moments from Wales and Northern Ireland never lived up once again to the hype displayed across the nation in Supermarkets , newspapers and betting shops to name but a few. Even last nights final was dismal at the very best the only highlight being the plight of the Parisian moth. Here’s to another monumental disappointment in two years time at the World Cup in Russia ………should England qualify !!!

  • Jo Rowley

    Absolutely loved Euro 2016 and not for all the right reasons may i add!! Some disappointing football played, but also some cracking performances from those considered the underdogs of the tournament. Would’ve liked a different outcome, but oh well maybe next time.

  • Life as Mum

    I have never been interested in football until the Euros. I am a Wales fan and I am so proud that Wales managed to get to the semi-finals!! They have made history for us. Such a proud moment for any Welsh fan.

  • Jo Rowley

    I for one enjoyed Euro 2016 and not for all the right reasons, may i add!! Some disappointing play and also some fantastic performances played with such pride and passion, from those considered the underdogs of the tournament. Would’ve liked a different result, but oh well there’s always next time.

  • Anosa

    I am not a fan of football and I wasn’t really interested in the tournament but I a glad Portugal won (sorry). Lovely highlights

  • Jessica

    It was a wonderful tournament. The fairytale like journey of Iceland, the historical game of Germany and Italy, and the less exciting finals. Hehe. Aside from the final game, it was indeed memorable.

  • Elizabeth

    I have to confess I didn’t watch the game. I snuck to bed and watched the finale of Outlander instead, but I could hear my husband and his mate downstairs watching it. Sounded like a good match!

  • Laura H

    I’m really not a fan of football but it seems like it was an exciting year. I did see Ronaldo and the moth though, shame he couldn’t play in the winning match!

  • The London Mum

    I managed to escape watching nay of it lol. What I did notice/like was watching the fans of other countries really get behind their team in a positive way and acting as role models for the country. I don’t think the brits were too bad this year but I think there was something really nice about seeing how the icelandic fans came together and the media the irish fans got.

  • Kira

    Fantastic round-up post about the Euros! I honestly didn’t keep up with it at all this year. I knew about a few bits and pieces and was very proud of Wales but wasn’t that interested. But thank you for the post because when I next see my boyfriend, I can act like I know things! haha 😀

  • Tanya

    I got into football at the end of last year and so this was the first year I got into the Euros. I still can’t get my head around the fact that Portugal won after only actually winning the final and drawing every game. I loved seeing all the videos of the Irish fans and I loved watching Wales as a couple of my Palace boys were on the team 🙂

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