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#FanDayFriday – Lovely Lichfield

This week, my #FandayFriday topic is a place that I love to visit for it’s mixture of historical buildings, great restaurants and vintage and antique shops. I’m talking about Lichfield, the birthplace of Erasmus Darwin and Dr Johnson and the home of the beautiful three spires Catherdral. Last weekend was a date weekend for Pete and I, so we decided to spend a gloriously sunny day in one of our perfect places.

The Three Spires of the Cathedral.

St Mary’s in the Market place is a great place to start your walk around Lichfield, it is where you can find the tourist information centre and you can also get some amazing views across the city from the Spire Viewing platform. The church is a gothic treat, with gargoyles that once again prove that if you are in a beautiful city, you should always look up. St Mary’s is in walking distance of Samuel Johnson’s house, so if you are a fan of the famous man of letters and dictionary fame (or even of Blackadder – all I will say is aardvark!) then this is another must visit destination.



We visited the old city prison, which has the town stocks and the cells, which would’ve been very dark and damp, with a total sense of foreboding. You can visit the prison for free and it is well worth a look if you have a few minutes to spare.




Lichfield is all about beautiful buildings, including traditional black and white Tudor buildings. Many of the original buildings have now been transformed into shops, which makes shopping in the city a really lovely experience. I fell in love with the tiled floor at the entrance to the White Stuff store – a throwback to my Portugal fixation. In addition, there are lots of traditional cottages and buildings that are now vintage and antique shops and these are well worth a rummage through.








On a really warm day it is lovely to just sit and relax at Minster Pool, in the shadow of the Cathedral. We sat there on Saturday, at a spot close to the old Speaker’s corner, and it really was idyllic. Just lovely.


Selfie at Minster Pool
Selfie at Minster Pool

This post is my #FandayFriday post, the brainchild of the lovely Becky of The Lifestyle Blogger UK, and this week I am linking to Becky’s blog, and, more specifically, her #FanDayFriday blogpost, which you can find here. I would definitely recommend you go and take a look!


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