Feeling a little less stressed thanks to Baldwins

This week saw the wonderful school holiday come to an end. I have honestly had so much fun with Joe, spending time on beaches, in parks and just generally having the best time. But if I said that I wasn’t feeling tired and just a little stressed at the moment, I would be telling fibs. Because I am tired. And run down. And most definitely in need of a pick me up.

Summer fun

Summer fun

Working from home means that I have no need to source childcare for Joe, which is great. But it also means I’m trying to work whilst caring for a five year old who needs constant stimulation, and that is tricky. It leads to a lot of late nights, the sort when you get to bed, haven’t wound down, and so just can’t sleep. Relaxation? You begin to forget just what that is? So I have to say a big thank you to herbal specialists Baldwins, who have very kindly sent me a ‘De-Stress’ pack that is designed to give me a little bit of R&R, and an old fashioned style pamper.


Baldwins are London’s oldest herbalists, and produce a range of products, from bath and essential oils, to herbal teas and loose herbs that can be used to create your very own soaps, lotions and potions. I received a very welcome kit from Baldwins that contained Pukka night time tea containing lavender and limeflower for peaceful tea. I have added this to my night routine, drinking a small cup before I go to bed, and have found that I am more relaxed. I actually had the best night’s sleep last night than I’d had in weeks. The kit also contained chamomile and Lemon balm that can also be used in hot water to create an infusion.


One of my favourite things in the pack is the beautiful Cedarwood and Orange candle that comes in its own tin. I love the scent of this, the Cedarwood ensures it is not too fruity – it has a woody essence too. The essential oils in the candle make them perfect for relaxation, and costing just £6.99 – I think these are an affordable luxury, perfect for when the lights go down.

Baldwins Cedarwood And Orange Aroma Candle 105g £6.99 click to visit Baldwins

Baldwins Cedarwood And Orange Aroma Candle 105g £6.99 click to visit Baldwins

The other item I totally feel in love with was the bath oil. This is a real pampering treat, perfect for a hot, steamy bath. The oil I was sent contained Lavender, Geranium and Marjoram, with instructions saying that a 10 minute dip was perfect. I have been using this before bed, and in conjunction with the tea, I feel super relaxed and ready for bed. I have been following it up with the body oil, which leaves skin super soft.

DSCN9036[1]If you feel stressed, or maybe you struggle to sleep, I would definitely recommend a look around Baldwins website,

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7 thoughts on “Feeling a little less stressed thanks to Baldwins

  1. I so feel your pain! I too work from home and with small kids to keep amused throughout the Summer hols. You’re absolutely right, it does get vert stressful at times. That herbal pick-me-up sounds perfect. I could def do with that myself right now! 🙂

  2. That sounds great! I get to sleep OK at night, but wake up ridiculously early in the morning. Wonder if it could help with that? I’m another work at home mum who has struggled to balance kids and work over the holidays!

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