Female Celebrities who Wear Hair Extensions or Wigs

Celebrities are admired by fans because of their acting or singing skills, personality or amazing look. It’s true that lots of celebrities can make their appearance in different styles that wow everyone. But do you know that many celebrities wear hair extensions or wigs to have more glamorous look or deal with hair loss? Let’s have a look at five female celebrities with hair extensions or wigs. 

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez dares to experiment with her look in order to highlight her beauty, which is no secret. However, do you know that hair extensions play a crucial role in transforming her look? At the Latin Billboard Music Awards, she made a stunning appearance with extremely long straight hair that was even longer than her sequined mini dress. The surprising look was the result of a hair extension in 50 inches- unbelievable!  

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is another female celebrity who is fond of using hair extensions that enable her to give an impressive look. One of the most stunning appearances that she has made has to be the long ponytail hair look at the Paris Fashion Week. With the help of a ponytail extension, the long ponytail that was hip length made her the focus of the fashion week.

Lady Gaga

If someone needs to be chosen as style chameleon, that’s definitely Lady Gaga. She is a fashion icon who surprises everyone with her daring and unique outfit and hair look. Her fashion statements and hairstyles are imitated by millions of fans who admire her. At the Glamours 23rd annual Women of the Year awards, she wowed people as usual with ghostly makeup and the blonde wig. This is definitely one of the most unusual wigs celebrities use

Keira Knightley

It’s not easy to be stars as they have to deal with a lot of stress which could result in physical and mental health risks. Keira Knightley suffered from hair loss years ago due to hair dyeing for her characters, so she had to rely on wigs to achieve amazing looks.


It is obvious that Beyoncé is one of the stars who like switching up hair game in her performances. She tried different hairstyles and lengths such as long luscious curly hair, long straight hair and short wavy hair. Undoubtedly, change of hairstyles for her long hair was impossible without hair extensions.To copy her look, give Remy tape in hair extensions a try.

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