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Socks. Absolute essentials in our wardrobe in all seasons and for all ages, but maybe sometimes a little neglected. We treat ourselves when it comes to our clothes and our shoes, but then opt for the cheapest socks, and then moan when they have a hole in the toe within a couple of weeks. Our socks should be appreciated more, after all, we need to treat our feet with a bit of respect. Sockshop enable us to do that, with the cutest of styles from a range of designer names.

Sockshop stock socks in bamboo, cashmere and cotton, in organic materials and by brands such as Elle, Falke and Pringle. They stock all sizes, from trainer socks to the softest and cosiest of bed socks, and they also cater for men, women and children. They have themed socks including Harry Potter, Disney and Friends, and have lots of great gift ideas ahead of Father’s Day. In short, Sockshop is a one stop shop for all things ‘sock’.

Today I’m featuring a couple of my fave designs from their current ranges. The 3 pair patterned cotton no show socks from ELLE are the perfect Summer trainer sock. They are cotton rich and machine washable, and come in a range of colours and patterns, including the elephant motif I opted for, and other Summery patterns like seashells and butterflies. I like the handlinked toes which are basically seamless, giving your feet extra comfort, as well as great style.

The 2 pair cable cosy anklet socks with pom poms from Elle may be the cutest, most adorable socks I have ever seen. They are certainly one of the fluffiest, making them perfect either for bedtime, or for lazy lockdown days when only loungewear will do. The socks have a low ankle fitting, and are fleeced inside and out for the ultimate in comfort. I love the blue and white colour ways as they remind me of my favourite football team even whilst I can’t actually watch them play. The socks have an elasticated cuff, but it is loose so they are as comfortable as can be, as well as looking so, so pretty.

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