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Last week I looked at Spring being the perfect time to sell your home, and some of the practical and aesthetic considerations you need to pay special attention to in order to show your home in its best light. But, once you have made the decision to sell your home, you then have to look at the logistics of selling, and that means securing an estate agent. Do you choose the traditional High Street option, or do you sell your home using an online estate agent?

The nature of trying to sell or find a property has changed so much in recent times. When we bought our home in 2003 we went through the traditional route to search for a property. We went to local estate agents to pick up property specifications, we phoned an estate agent to arrange viewings. We looked at the property pages of the local papers, and even did drive by’s in areas we liked to look for ‘For Sale’ boards. But today it is very different. The rise of online buying for absolutely everything has seen a rise in online estate agents who use sites like Right Move to sell properties.

You can now very easily buy and sell a home through an online company, being able to view homes all over the country from the comfort of your own home. You can buy, sell or even let a property without needing to visit an actual estate agent. The online specifications provide all the same details the paper ones provide, but also give the opportunities of 3d views and virtual home tours. You can still have a ‘For Sale’ sign if you want one for drive by opportunistic viewers, and you do your own viewings. This could well be the best selling point, for who knows your home better than you?

For many, the main plus point for using an online estate agent is that you can make a huge saving when it comes to your fees.  Most online estate agents will charge between £400 – £1000. Compare this to the traditional High Street agents who generally charge a fee of around 1.5% of the sale agreed, and you have a difference that could amount to thousands. For many, it is this factor that makes online estate agents so tempting.

Are you thinking of selling your home this year? Would you be tempted to use an online agent?

9 thoughts on “Find a Property this Spring

  1. I’ve never had to purchase a home but it makes sense doing it online to lower fees. Plus you can browse anytime you feel for a place at your leisure.

  2. I really don’t enjoy the process of selling and buying property, I’m hoping I don’t have to move for a long time!

  3. I researched many properties online a few years ago, I definitely think if I ever were to sell a house later on in my life, I would do my research and possibly sell online!

  4. We sold a house a few years ago, I would only ever use a company so it saves the stress of me having to do ANYTHING.

    Means not having to do viewings or even meet the people & time wasters who just come round hunting.
    We were exceptionally lucky with this company though & I know decent estate agents are VERY few & far between.

  5. I’m a conveyancer by trade and I’d definitely consider using an online Estate Agent so long as they had a good track record of being contactable and present on the end of the telephone! The fees charged by traditional agents are very expensive! xx

  6. I often find myself looking for a house even though I know I won’t be moving for a long time. Always handy that there are those online sites to browse, gives you an idea for the future!

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