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Finding shoes and trainers with a wider fit.

There can be many reasons that you need to find shoes with a wider fit. It can be that your feet are genuinely wider and so require comfort and width. It can be that you are suffering from a foot condition, something like bunions, or hammertoes, something that can cause swelling of the feet, and therefore needs orthotic shoes. It can be that spending a lot of time on your feet makes your feet swell (something that used to happen to me all the time) so wider fit shoes are a better option. Whatever the reason, it is not always that easier to find the styles you like in a wider fit.


There is a website though, that may make finding the shoes you need a little bit easier. Wide Fit Shoes has the largest selection of wider fit shoes available online, and offers worldwide delivery. They are members of The Society of Shoe Fitters and can literally offer any type of footwear that you need in wider settings. Whether you are looking for extra wide trainers, walking boots, smart shoes to wear for work or safety boots for work, Wide Fit Shoes can provide what you are looking for, having curated footwear from brands such as New Balance, Padders, Equity Shoes and Josef Seibel. In addition, if you are looking for Christmas gifts for a loved one, they have a great selection of slippers, or wellies for that wet and snowy winter weather.


Wide Fit Shoes also has a great section where you can search for shoes specifically for problem feet, and they stock accessories too. I was really interested to see they have socks for Diabetics, as both my dad and I have the condition, as well as Copper insoles that are useful for those with Arthritis. And if you need wider fitting shoes and are getting married, you can find shoes here too.


Do you need a wider fit in your shoes? Do you find it difficult to find styles you like?


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