Flash by Jimmy Choo – now at Debenhams

I have a new favourite perfume. ‘Flash‘ by Jimmy Choo is the 2nd fragrance from the famed shoe designer, and it is absolutely gorgeous. Scented with white flowers, and with elements of pink pepper and strawberry, this is a wonderfully intoxicating and sweet-smelling fragrance that lingers in the air long after you have spritzed it.

Jimmy Choo £36.00 - £62.00 DEBENHAMS EXCLUSIVE: Flash Eau De Parfum click to visit Debenhams

Encased in a wonderful Art Deco styled bottle that resembles a flashbulb, and with a pretty lavender coloured perfume, ‘Flash’ has the look of something you would’ve found on Jean Harlow’s dressing table. But the scent itself has a modern edge, reminding me of the original Juicy Couture fragrance. The strawberry and pink pepper come through very strongly, as does the white lily. There are also elements of tuberose and more woody elements, which help to tone down the sweetness, making it a very addictive fragrance.

Flash is available exclusively at Debenhams, and, at the moment, they are offering customers the fantastic option to try the fragrance, and receive your money back if it is not for you. Simply order your chosen bottle of Flash (Prices starts from £36 for a 40ml bottle) and with your order you will receive a free sample. Try the sample before you open the full size, and, if it is not for you, you can return the unopened full size for a full refund. Which is a fabulous idea, but I certainly won’t be returning mine anytime soon.

Flash is available exclusively at Debenhams until 28th January, when it will be available nationwide.


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