Floral Gifts for Christmas

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Flowers make a beautiful and thoughtful gift at any time of the year, but they are even more special at Christmas time. Traditional Christmas blooms like Poinsettas are both lovely to look at and are a nod to tradition, whilst red flowers of any description bring the colour of Christmas into your homes. Flowers are, of course, a good present to send across the miles, they can be ordered in one location and then sent to another, and, if you choose wisely, they will last the whole of the 12 days of Christmas and will see in the New Year too.

Bloom Magic Flowers are based in Ireland and have some of the loveliest flower arrangements that I have seen this year. They do flowers for every occasion, from weddings to sympathy, and recently even suggested that flowers of sympathy and commiseration would be a great gift to send to Hilary Clinton supporters after the recent election results. (Such a brilliant marketing idea!). They have lots of traditional style arrangements and bouquets for Christmas, but what I have really fell in love with is the Parisian style hatbox arrangements. These may be the chicest arrangements you will ever see.


The Parisian hatbox collection is described as:-

“A luxurious and elegant collection of hatbox flowers inspired by the beauty of Paris. These decorative hatboxes will look divine in your living room or boudoir. A truly unforgettable gift for someone special.”


The collection have beautiful. French inspired names like ‘La Vie En Rose’ and ‘Romance Sur La Seine’ and come in elegant, vintage inspired hatboxes in matte black or sparkling white.  The bouquets use a range of flowers including roses, Gerbera, Veronica, Hydrangea and Irises    No two bouquet are ever the same so each and every bouquet is bespoke and truly unique. You can see these arrangements decorating a Paris Salon in the 1950s, they have that exquisite, luxurious look which makes them a beautiful Christmas gift idea for lovers of fashion or flowers.



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