From Bumper to Bumper: 5 Must-Have Sports Car For Every Car-Lover

There are some people who kick-start their day with a morning jog followed by two shots of espresso. And then there are people who start theirs by driving through the twists and turns of country roads in a sports car.

Which one would you prefer?

A sports car is not just a car to get from A to B. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience! Not to mention, sports cars can spark emotions and undying passion for the devoted car enthusiasts who drive and care for them.

You might have seen that majority of cars on the road are ordinary and made to meet basic needs. But, let us tell you there are companies who work beyond these fundamental demands just to produce some of the coolest cars to satisfy the passion of a car fanatic. Buy a carport at!

But what are the best sports cars one must have?

Well, if you’ve been looking for one, then you’ve landed in the right place. Of course, the range of cars is extensive, but we think we’ve covered an impressive top five list.



  • Any Model From TVR


Okay, we just couldn’t limit ourselves to one model here.

We cannot even think of making a list without referring to one of the largest manufacturers of sports car in the world, TVR. This British manufacturing company is renowned for the production of their striking cars.

They are known for manufacturing lightweight cars with engines that help in boosting its performance and offer a wide range of coupés and convertibles. Simplicity is their USP for both the car’s interior and exterior, and it comes with powerful engines that provide linear acceleration and instant power.

TVR excels in the craft of designing sports cars. You can try any of their models from Grantura, Tuscan, Cerbera to Sagaris and all of them are bound to change your perception towards sports cars.


  • Audi R8 Coupé


The Coupé offers a driving experience that can blow anyone’s mind away, taking the crown among the Audi sports car range. The R8 is highly regarded for its fierce power and flawless design.

The car carries an aggressive aura, letting people know about its presence. Drive by in one of these, and you’re bound to get a double-take from a passer by. The R8 is agile due to its light weight, and is propelled by a 5.2 litre V10 engine which delivers an incredible amount of power. Specifically, the numbers are around 533bhp, and 602bhp in plus versions.

The driving is made more thrilling by Quattro all wheel drive that transfers an immense torque to the road.

You can get a hold on this high performance vehicle which is equipped with energy upturn and cylinder-on-demand technologies. The interior of R8 is minimal and at the same time designed for comfort.



  • Porsche 911 GT3


We can never understand how Porsche managed to design 911 so perfectly. The car was an incredibly amazing invention on its own with high-end comfort, a perfect blend of German technology, dynamic mechanism and tremendous speed. This little package had covered it all.

Later Porsche decided to upgrade the 911 model. They wanted to turn the attention of car enthusiasts to this updated model. They launched The GT3, which stunned everyone by becoming the top-collected car worldwide.

These versions of Porsche 911 are mainly manufactured as race cars that are suitable for normal roads, too. The upgraded beast came with powerful engines, reduction in total weight and technology derived for racing; not to mention, the stock roll bar. Isn’t that cool?

The different models like 996, 997 and 991 GT3 can make a driver weak at the knees with their exceptional design.  Porsche earned truckload of money with when they introduced the GT3, whose value can only be understood by true car enthusiasts.



  • Mazda MX-5


It would be unfair to the world of sports cars if we didn’t talk about Mazda MX-5. Mazda might be a tiny roadster, but it is capable enough to take the world by storm (which actually happened when it was launched)!

It is also a go-to-choice because of it being a pocket-friendly car. The MX-5 actually is an example to prove that size doesn’t matter, but capabilities do.

Though Mazda lacks the horsepower, it doesn’t make it any less of the top quality car it is. Its agility and light weight is what makes it even more exciting to drive. The companies provided generous support to the car after its launch in the market, making it extremely popular amongst car fanatics.

Either you turn it into a less-weighted track rocket or simply spin it into an influential giant drift car. Either way, it is your choice! The MX-5 is for the people who are looking for refinement and power. Needless to say, it suits their needs precisely with equal fun. The MX-5 is not your cup of tea if you are looking for a car for daily use.



  • BMW E46 M3


Everyone dreams to have Porsche 911, as it comes with luxury, refinement and performance, but not everyone can afford it. Well, hold on! If you’re one of them, then let us tell you that you’ve just got a replacement for it in the form of BMW E46!

It is an awesome car due to its prize-levelled frame next to E36. You will want to drive through tunnels with maximum speed solely because of its amazing features, which include a beautiful design, incontrovertible sub-frame and a distinctive engine roar.

BMW has been extremely popular for its experimentation with German engineering and automobiles. The grand performance, while retaining its usual BMW luxury and refinement along with good practical approach is what makes it a perfect sports car, which is also ideal for everyday activity.

In addition to this, the extensive popularity of the M3 throughout the generations means that the aftermarket support it received is huge, especially in the case of the E46.

It could be modified to be used as a show car, track race or drift explosive; the choice is yours! The E46 is the perfect choice for car-lovers who want the best sports car without having to compromise on anything.

Well, there we have it! These are a few show-stopping sports car. Based on your priorities, be it handling, style or technology, this list will surely help you drive away with the car you’ve always dreamt of!

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