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I have a confession to make, I never used to like, or wear sunglasses. I had this idea that I would never find a pair that would suit me, and trying lots of pairs on in various shops seemed to confirm this for me. I instead opted to wear sunhats when I was on holiday, and then just squint in the sun at all other times.

But that was then. Now I am a bit of an addict when it comes to sunnies, it all started with a pair of oversized Michael Kors which I totally fell in love with, and now I have rather a large collection, you could say an addiction, especially when it comes to designer glasses. My most recent addition to the collection has been a pair of Esprit frames that have a very chic, almost retro feel to them.

I got the Esprit frames from Perfect Glasses. Perfect Glasses sells glasses online, these range from prescription sunglasses and regular glasses, to glasses for both men and women. Their range is, quite frankly, huge, and has lots of designer names to tempt, from Benetton and Police, to Calvin Klein and Jimmy Choo. The styles are varied, and include designs that will suit all face shapes and skin types, and you can have both prescription lenses or regular glass/sunglass lenses, allowing everyone to enjoy the fashionable shapes.

Perfect Glasses have got it just right when it comes to ordering and receiving your glasses. Ordering is simple, you just need your prescription, with most glasses coming in single vision, bifocal and multifocals. The website gives all the information about the frame size including nose bridge and frame width, so you can decide if they will fit and suit your face. Despatch can be within 48 hours for simple prescriptions, so you should be able to get your glasses fairly quickly – useful if you have broken your current pair. I also like the fact that you can order online, but if you have further questions or want to take to someone about the frames, there is a phone number where you just need to quote the reference number of the frame.

The glasses are delivered very well protected, my pair come in a glasses case that was then bubble wrapped and double packaged, ensuring that no accident would befall them on route. All glasses also come with a microfibre cloth for cleaning, another useful addition to keep your glasses clean and safe.

My Esprit shades (design Et17823 C565) are just lovely. They have an Ivory embossed frame and a slightly 1950s style shape. The Arms have Esprit at the top – not ostentatious labeling, but instead a stylish touch. They are light and comfortable to wear and have a pretty, girly feel to them.

It has been rather cold lately, but the sun still shines even when the temperatures have dropped, and I find I often wear my glasses when out in the car or watching the football. These glasses look great worn casually, or with a more dressy look. They are beautifully made and of great quality.

With a code that allows you to get many pairs of glasses at half price, you are getting both great style and value with Perfect Glasses. If you are looking for new glasses of any kind, then Perfect Glasses is well worth a look.


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9 thoughts on “Esprit Sunglasses from Perfect Glasses

  1. These look great on you! I don’t like metal sunglasses cause they always get caught in my hair. I’d love these for sure!

  2. Really like the finish and design of this sun glass. It looks so good on you.

  3. I really love that blue dress you’re wearing. I keep forgetting to leave my house with sunglasses the last few times, I can’t wait for summer.

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