Esprit Sunglasses from Perfect Glasses

I have a confession to make, I never used to like, or wear sunglasses. I had this idea that I would never find a pair that would suit me, and trying lots of pairs on in various shops seemed to confirm this for me. I instead opted to wear sunhats when I was on holiday, and then just squint in the sun at all other times.

But that was then. Now I am a bit of an addict when it comes to sunnies, it all started with a pair of oversized Michael Kors which I totally fell in love with, and now I have rather a large collection, you could say an addiction, especially when it comes to designer glasses. My most recent addition to the collection has been a pair of Esprit frames that have a very chic, almost retro feel to them.

I got the Esprit frames from Perfect Glasses. Perfect Glasses sells glasses online, these range from prescription sunglasses and regular glasses, to glasses for both men and women. Their range is, quite frankly, huge, and has lots of designer names to tempt, from Benetton and Police, to Calvin Klein and Jimmy Choo. The styles are varied, and include designs that will suit all face shapes and skin types, and you can have both prescription lenses or regular glass/sunglass lenses, allowing everyone to enjoy the fashionable shapes.

Perfect Glasses have got it just right when it comes to ordering and receiving your glasses. Ordering is simple, you just need your prescription, with most glasses coming in single vision, bifocal and multifocals. The website gives all the information about the frame size including nose bridge and frame width, so you can decide if they will fit and suit your face. Despatch can be within 48 hours for simple prescriptions, so you should be able to get your glasses fairly quickly – useful if you have broken your current pair. I also like the fact that you can order online, but if you have further questions or want to take to someone about the frames, there is a phone number where you just need to quote the reference number of the frame.

The glasses are delivered very well protected, my pair come in a glasses case that was then bubble wrapped and double packaged, ensuring that no accident would befall them on route. All glasses also come with a microfibre cloth for cleaning, another useful addition to keep your glasses clean and safe.

My Esprit shades (design Et17823 C565) are just lovely. They have an Ivory embossed frame and a slightly 1950s style shape. The Arms have Esprit at the top – not ostentatious labeling, but instead a stylish touch. They are light and comfortable to wear and have a pretty, girly feel to them.

It has been rather cold lately, but the sun still shines even when the temperatures have dropped, and I find I often wear my glasses when out in the car or watching the football. These glasses look great worn casually, or with a more dressy look. They are beautifully made and of great quality.

With a code that allows you to get many pairs of glasses at half price, you are getting both great style and value with Perfect Glasses. If you are looking for new glasses of any kind, then Perfect Glasses is well worth a look.


Review – Tiger Frames from Perfect Glasses

A few weeks ago I wrote about Perfect Glasses, a great destination to find a wide range of prescription glasses and sunglasses at affordable, discount prices. (You can find that original article here). Today I am reviewing a pair of the sunglasses from the site, because all the sunglass designs also be designed with plain glass as well as prescription lenses. The glasses I chose from the site were the Tiger design that currently have 50% off with the code PAYHALF.

The Tiger glasses are a cute, retro design with an tortoiseshell print frame that screams 1950s poolside glamour. Very lightweight in design, these are the perfect glasses for those who think sunglasses are not for them due to heavy frames, or pain caused across the bridge or side of the nose. The shaped arms are elegant in that they are not too thick, again the lightness of the material means that these sit comfortably behind the ear, without rubbing or tightness.

Tiger £33 with code PAYHALF Click to visit Perfect Glasses


The glasses have tinted lenses, but can also come with Single vision,  Bifocals  and Multifocal lenses, making these suitable even if you have issues with your eyesight.  A scratch resistant coating is also a great fixture, especially if, like me, you are prone to leaving your sunglasses lying around the house, or just throwing them into your bag. In addition to the coating, the glasses come with a lovely, sturdy glass case and a microfibre cloth for cleaning purposes.

I love the retro feel of these glasses that the tortoiseshell frame gives them, it is not the cats eye style of the 1950s, but they definitely have a movie queen aura to them. I styled my glasses 1970s style, with a midi skirt and plain white t-shirt top, brown vintage platforms and red lipstick.  This was a relaxed daytime look, but as we move into Summer, and evening occasions that are spent outside, I can see the glasses looking very glam teamed with a little black shift dress, or a pretty summer sundress. Similarly, the light frames mean that these will take up no room at all in your hand luggage when I head off to my summer holidays, and will look airport chic teamed with cool cottons when I jet off to Cyprus next month.

If you have yet to choose your summer sunnies, it is definitely worth taking a look at Perfect Glasses. Their current summer discount means you can get 50% off sunglasses, which is a brilliant saving, and the choice of so many different types of frames, and lenses, mean that you should be able to find something for both your needs and aesthetic taste.


Finding your perfect glasses with Perfect Glasses

I am in the odd one out in my family. My mom, sister and brother all wear glasses due to poor eyesight (although Mom does venture into contact lense territory at times.) My dad wears glasses for reading too, so the only person who doesn’t wear glasses is me, which, I have to be honest, sometimes leads to me feeling a little left out. Because where, once upon a time, glasses were something to be dreaded, with thick frames, even thicker lenses and style left at the opticians door, these days this is so not the case.

Today glasses, particularly women’s glasses, are a stylish addition to any look or outfit. Rather than the much maligned NHS versions, we now have an array of designer glasses from the likes of Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Polaroid and Gucci, all of which are so stylish that they will have you wishing they were filled with plain glass so you could wear them anyway. In addition, these days you are not limited to walk ins at the optician to choose your glasses. Once you have your prescription, you are able to buy your glasses from a range of online suppliers too.

Perfect Glasses  is one such site. It has a wide range of glasses, from designer frames, men’s and women’s designs and sunglasses, both prescription sunglasses and designer frames that can also come with clear glass (hurray!). The Perfect Glasses site is really easy to navigate, and I love the extra large images of the glasses that show them from every angle.

The descriptions of the glasses are clear and give their dimensions, as well as stating all the lenses they are compatible with. They also give you customer reviews of the glasses so you can make an informed decision. Perfect Glasses also allow you to just buy the frames, and have a 90 day, no quibble, money back guarantee just in case the glasses turn out to be not suitable. And if all that isn’t tempting enough, you can currently get 50% off the recommended price with the code PAYHALF.


With glasses starting at just £9, there is a design for every budget, style and taste. Most glasses will be delivered to your door within five days, so you can be enjoying and wearing them in less than a week from ordering. With Summer knocking on the door, the sunglasses option, both prescription and non prescription, are definitely worth a second look due to the fantastic prices.