Garden Quick Fixes To Create A Perfect Place

Just because Summer is becoming a distant memory it is no excuse to abandon and neglect our garden. For many of us our garden is an extension of our home and Autumn and Winter are some of the most beautiful times to see our gardens, as we watch the changes through the seasons.

If your garden still needs some TLC but you are limited on your budget, there are some things that you can do that won’t break the bank and will get your garden looking beautiful even as the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Add some Winter Plants

Plants are not just for planting in Spring, there are some lovely plants that will sprout and grow in Winter. One of the best plants for Winter is the pansy. Pansies are just perfect for winter bedding displays as they will bloom for far longer than any other winter flowering bedding plant. Sweet Williams and Forget-Me-Nots are also great choices.

If you are planting with a view to the plants lasting through Winter, and want to create some attractive pots, you may decide to opt for something like the Cotswold range of planters from Stewart Gardens. These planters are very attractive as they are based on traditional stone buildings that you find in the Cotswolds, but they are actually very long-lasting:as they are lightweight, frost-proof, shockproof and UV resistant, making them perfect for harsh Winter conditions.

Think ahead to Spring

Forward thinking always works well when it comes to your garden, so use Winter to think about all the things you would like in your garden when the weather turns warmer, and maybe add these to your Christmas lists. Top of my list is a hammock from Tropilex UK. I love the idea of being able to relax with a book in the warmer weather, and the great news is you can get some good Winter and Black Friday deals now, and then safely store your hammock as something to look forward to once the warmer weather arrives with Spring. You can choose a design that could fit to a tree or fence, or go for a design with a stand. You could even choose a family one for hours of garden fun.



Another way that you can tidy up and update your outdoor space is with a lick of paint. Whether it be for walls or forpring fences, there is a clear trend moving towards beautiful pastel colour shades that enhance and reflect the colours of a garden. Valspar paint do a great range of masonry and wood paint for the outdoors that can add interest to the outdoors. You can test out the colours by getting one of their tester pots beforehand – so if you feel like being adventurous but are not sure, you can test out your colour first.


Car boot finds

Take a little inspiration from Mediterranean gardens and yards by looking around car boots. Car boot sales don’t disappear with the sunshine and are a popular way to spend Sunday mornings and you can often pick up bits of pottery that can look good as a design feature. Old chairs can be painted and used as pot storage, whilst you can even pick up a bistro set like the one below which was £15 with the two chairs.


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