Grammys fashion – good, bad and just insane!

Sunday night was a very busy night in the awards calendar. As well as the Baftas, The Grammys were also taking place, albeit on the other side of the Atlantic and in much better weather. The Grammys are renowned for interesting style choices, and this year was no exception. There were angel wings, extreme animal prints and Lady Gaga arriving in an egg! But there were also some absolutely stunning looks on display, along with some plain bad ones. Here they are in all their glory…

The Good.

Nicole Kidman has had mixed reactions for her style choices lately, but her beautiful mermaid style floral dress from Jean Paul Gaultier was the perfect choice. With loose flowing hair and glowing skin she looked totally gorgeous and was definitely one of the best dressed on the night. This dress suited her hair, height and figure.

The ever-shrinking Jennifer Hudson made an interesting choice in her gown with an asymmetrical midnight blue Versace dress. The dress fitted her like a glove and with sleek hair and make-up, she looked amazing.

Florence Welch wore three dresses on the night, two of which were fabulous. Unfortunately, neither of these were her red carpet choice. Florence wore an Elie Saab beaded dress to perform, proving yet again that she is the perfect ambassador for Elie’s dresses. The nude shade dress looked ethereal when teamed with Florence’s striking red hair and pale skin. She later switched to an Oyster YSL dress with draped sleeves which was a throwback to 1930s glamour. This was my favourite Florence look on the night.


Florence wearing Elie Saab



My favourite Florence look - YSL


Diana Agron from Glee is fast becoming one of my favourite new red carpet dresses. She wore a Vivien Westwood trademark draped strapless dress, and rocked a cute blond quiff. This was a totally appropriate look to The Grammys and was completely different from the demure Chanel she had sported at The SAG awards. Her co-star Amber Riley continued her strong run of great red carpet looks with a hand painted dress by Ema Savahl and an interesting necklace that extended to the shoulder.

Kelly Osbourne looked so pretty in her violet ruffled dress by Tadashi Shoji, whilst surprise winner Esperanza Spalding showed that green and pink can be a fun and effective colour combination in her ruffled dress.

Kerry Hilson was possibly the best dressed star on the night. Her blue Basil Soda dress showed that mini dresses need not be trampy or overly flesh revealing. With her neat blonde hair, soft make up and strappy heels made for a perfect glam Grammys look.

The Bad.

Ciara. A beautiful girl with a stunning figure. A glorious mane of glossy hair. Ciara should have looked perfect on the red carpet, but she chose what can only be described as a modern-day Wonder Woman costume that showed far too much flesh for the red carpet.

Rihanna. Again her hair and make up were beautiful, and nobody can deny that Rihanna has a killer body, but in the Jean Paul Gaultier column dress previously worn by Andre Pejic as the ‘bride’, all I could think about was the Andrex puppy, and whether she was wearing any underwear…

Lea Michele. Someone needs to tall that girl that she is short! She keeps insisting on wearing dresses that swamp her tiny frame. I did like this Pucci gown, but it was simply too long and too fussy on Lea. Now, if Ciara had worn this, it might have been a different story.

Miley Cyrus. There’s always the look of the great unwashed about Miley, and wearing a tacky dress by Roberto Cavalli was never going to improve this fact. Yes, it is the Grammys, but with those bracelets and her toes sticking out from under her dress,  she just looked slightly dishevelled and trashy.

Florence Welch. Two of her choices made the best dressed list, but the dress she wore on the red carpet did absolutely nothing for her. Kelly Osbourne had apparently picked out the Givenchy Haute couture dress as her choice for Florence to wear at the Grammys, but this was a slightly strange swan design that probably looked better on the runway.

And the just plain insane

Nicki Minaj. This was a hybrid of Cruella DeVille and some of the stars of big cat diary. Animal print overload, teamed with crazy Bride of Frankenstein hair. You could only admire the look and thank god that it was Nicki wearing it, and not you. To think this was Givenchy!

Katy Perry. Fast becoming a poor mans diluted Lady Gaga. ‘Zany’ Katy decided to wear angle wings on the back of her Giorgio Armani dress, and to bring her 90 year old granny along as an accessory. Trying to hard…and, lets face it, no woman married to Russell Brand has any rights to wear angels wings!

And finally…Lady Gaga. She was carried on the red carpet in an egg designed by Hussein Chalayan! What exactly can be said about the women who needs to be hatched before she can perform!

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