Gravita, The Levitating Lamp, Blends Levitation Technology And Style

Wonder what will be the big home décor trend of 2021? It’s likely to be levitation technology! 

Levitating appliances and decorations are making big waves in the fashion world. Not only do they look great, but they can also save space and add value to your home. 

Today, we’re looking at one of the top levitating products of 2021: Gravita, the levitating lamp.

This lamp is a perfect fit for desks, bedside tables, and coffee tables, and it does a lot more than just levitate. Gravita is also a wireless charger and a Bluetooth speaker.

Whether you’re looking to be the first to implement levitating décor into your home or you want to surprise a tech lover in your family, Gravita is the best levitating lamp for form and function. 

Let’s take a closer look at how Gravita can improve the ambiance of your home or office. 

It’s Real Levitation

Gravita is no trick of the eye. It really levitates. And it makes a big impression. 

Gravita has two electromagnets at its base and bulb that create an electromagnetic field. This field suspends the bulb in mid-air in an elegant pose. 

The levitation is strong enough to withstand bumps and movement. You can even give it a spin and watch it rotate in zero gravity (kids love it!).

If you want to make a splash with the neighbors or coworkers (it’s ok to make them a little jealous…), Gravita will get the job done. There’s nothing more eye-catching or memorable than real levitation. 

It’s Chic and Minimal

Minimalism is in, and it isn’t going away in 2021. The interior design world is striving for new minimalist ideas, which is one big reason that levitation is so trendy. 

Imagine a table without legs or a bed foundation that floats above the floor? These advancements are on their way. Gravita offers practical minimalism by introducing lighting without fixtures.

What if you never had to unscrew a lightbulb again and instead could simply place a new bulb in the air above a smooth and stylish base? That’s exactly what you can do with Gravita.

Levitation removes the need for wires, screws, and ugly metal components that surround the bulb. All you see is a sleek, smooth base and an illuminated bulb floating freely.

Another practical advantage of Gravita is having the ability to easily change the lighting in a room by lifting one bulb out of the electromagnetic field and replacing it with a different one. You can change from a soft reading light to standard brightness in seconds (when you order Gravita, you’ll have the opportunity to add additional bulb styles). 

It Decreases Clutter

As all good minimal décor should do, Gravita decreases clutter. But it doesn’t just do so because it’s compact and sleek. It also helps you to remove wires, speakers, and chargers from your desk or nightstand. 

Because Gravita is a 3-in-1 device, you’ll be able to organize your space more easily when you add it to your home. Countertops with fewer wires running down them and desks without cords and junk around your feet make for a more serene and safer space.

It Charges Your Phone Wirelessly

Forgot your charger (again)? No problem. Gravita’s lamp base has a wireless charging dock built right in. That means you can place your phone or tablet on the wooden dock and it will begin to charge—no wires or chargers required! 

If you’re using Gravita on your desk, you can charge everything from its convenient ports. Along with its wireless charging dock, it has additional USB-C and USB-A ports in its base. This will help to limit the wires running across and under your desk. It also makes it a lot easier to plug your devices in than hunching over to find an outlet or extension cord.  

It Improves Your Music

Tired of listening to audio from your computer or phone speakers? With a click, you can wirelessly pair your device to Gravita and enjoy Hi-Fi audio from its built-in Bluetooth speaker. 

The speaker is built into the wooden base and is very discreet. You can’t even tell it’s there, so this definitely doesn’t look like an audio device. 

The sound quality is surprisingly good. Even though it’s small, it can project to fill a living room or meeting room. The audio is very clear, so it won’t sound staticky or tinny like the speakers in your phone. You might not want to use it with your TV when you’re watching movies (although you could!), but it’s great for casual listening, calling on speakerphone, and upgrading your basic computer or phone audio. 

It’s Relaxing

Gravita’s lighting was designed using color temperature theory. This theory states that different lighting tones can change the way we feel. Certain bright or dim lights can make us feel social, hungry, focused, relaxed, or even warm and cold. 

Gravita’s Edison bulb (included with purchase), is calibrated to a warm color temperature. It’s a bit brighter than a sunset—a bit like a healthy campfire. At this temperature, the light melts away stress and improves focus. 

This makes Gravita the perfect light for reading, working, having breakfast, or relaxing before bed. It also makes a great night light for kids and adults. 

Be the First to Show Off Levitating Décor

When it comes to the latest trends, being the first has its perks. Implementing levitating technology into your home won’t just make you a trendsetter in your neighborhood, but it will also help you reduce costs. Gravita’s levitating bulbs consume 80% less power than standard bulbs and last for 20+ years!

If you were waiting for a time to update your lighting or just need a change in your home’s look, now is the time to do it. For a short while, you can get a Gravita levitating lamp for 50% off. This early-bird offer will only last until Gravita starts shipping in 2021. 

Don’t wait to upgrade your home with Gravita, the best levitating lamp and the trendiest minimalist décor of 2021.

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