Hair Chalking at Lisa Shepherd

If anyone deserves the term local hero, it’s Lisa Shepherd. A multi-award winning hair stylist and precision colour artist with more than 20 years experience, there is nothing about hair colour that Lisa couldn’t share with you. In addition, her successful TV role as the resident hair colour expert on the Channel 4 series ‘Ten Years Younger’ has introduced Lisa to another audience, flabbergasted by the unbelievable magic that she brings to hair often in the worst state imaginable. The Midlands is quite rightly very proud of Lisa Shepherd.

Therefore, an invitation to visit her Birmingham City Centre salon to learn all about her newest hair colour technique, hair chalking,  was an opportunity not to be missed. So last Wednesday I made my way to Lisa Shepherd hair to find all about this new technique which is taking the world of hair by storm.

The first thing that truly surprised me about hair chalking is that it does what it says on the packet – it is a way of temporarily adding colour to the hair by using art pastels and chalks. These are not a specific hair product, but actual chalk which can be picked up from places like Hobbycraft and The Works. Because of this, any colour can be used and any effect gained. This works on dark hair as well as light, and has proven to be popular on modelling shoots because it can completely change your look, but washes out instantly. giving you a quick fix solution for hair colour.

Hairstylist Katie showed us how to chalk hair by taking sections of the hair and rubbing the chalk along the strand to transfer the colour. On the long, curly hair of the model, this gave a super romantic look with beautiful pastel shades running through each tendril. Then we were offered the opportunity to be chalked, and I was really interested to see how the chalk would take to my hair, which is a much darker blonde shade.

I was brave and asked for a mixture of colours – wondering just how well they would show up in my hair. I was wearing a rainbow coloured dress and thought it would be something novel to match the dress to my hair. I was really shocked at just how quick it is to chalk a full head of hair, talking only 10-15minutes to transform my dull hair into a Rainbow Brite style. The feel of the chalk on your hair is similar to the effect you get when using dry shampoo, and your hair gains body from the chalk – never a bad thing in my book.

With Emily from Emily Jayne and Sarah Morris from The Diva Diaries

The freshly chalked bloggers with Lisa Shepherd

I think hair chalking is a fab, fun way to buy into the hair colour trend. Great for night’s out, hen parties and just for when you want to change your image, but not permanently. It is also an affordable pampering treat, with chalking costing from just £20 at Lisa Shepherd. This is also something that you can have a go at in the comfort of your own home, knowing it will wash out if you change your mind.

To find out more about hair chalking, click here to visit the Lisa Shepherd website.

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