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Have you tried Fast Keys?

The times that we live in make us more security conscious than ever. We choose ever more powerful alarms for our cars and homes and we have stronger security lighting in our gardens, porches and yards. And with many of us also choosing to work from a home office, we also have to consider the security of important documents and files. This often means some sort of filing cabinet or locked desk that we know keeps our work safe from everyone from a burglar to a toddler on a mission to destroy things. All we have to do is keep the key somewhere safe and all our needs are addressed.

But what happens if you lose the key? It’s hardly the biggest job in the world, not one you would call a locksmith out to, but if it is your work locked away this could be a big problem. Another scenario is that this is the cupboard where you keep things like passports, birth certificates and other important documents. If you are heading abroad and your passport is locked away, you will need to get those keys replaced – and quickly.

Most filing cabinets have a key lock
Most filing cabinets have a key lock

Fast Keys have over 25 years of experience in key cutting and selling of replacement locks for office furniture, both for trade and personal home use. They can produce replacement keys in super quick time, with many orders being despatched on the day of order. The website gives simple instructions which can help you to order your replacement keys, with many orders just requiring a serial number or brand name. Keys are cut and numbered using high precision, state of the art, electronic key cutting machines. They are all cut to the manufacturer’s exact specification and are effectively the same as an original key.


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Definitely experts in their field.


Even if you are fortunate enough not to have lost important keys, it is something that can easily happen, and so maybe having a spare set cut by Fast Keys, and then put away in a safe place, is a good idea.

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