How To Help Baby Wind Down Before Bedtime

Having a happy and healthy baby is something that every parent dreams of, but also having one that sleeps well is a bonus that not only aids the health of the baby, but also of the parents too. Sleepless nights are no joke to anyone, and make functioning through the day something that seems impossible at times. One way to help baby sleep better is to make sure they are able to wind down at the end of the day in order to fall to sleep easily, and hopefully for a decent amount of time.

If your baby struggles to wind down, here are some tips that may help.

A nice bath and comfortable clothing before bedtime

When you are helping your baby to wind down, it is useful to actually get them ready for bed. A warm bath in some of the baby bedtime toiletry ranges help baby to feel fresh and clean. These ranges often contain lavender which is a known aid for sleep. Once baby is clean and dry change baby for bed. Babies feel comfortable when they wear comfortable baby pajamas, so opt for something soft and warm, but not something that will leave baby feeling hot. Sustainable, organic cottons work well, and you can use button or popper fastenings dependent on your preference.

Be Careful With Over Stimulation

At bedtime, you need to get rid of the over stimulating toys and activities. Loud musical activities and toys, things with flashing lights, rough and tumble building activities, all these need to be put away until morning as baby is settled. Babies won’t settle if they are distracted, so move the distractions.

Try to settle into a routine

Babies need routines and can settle into them. Try to keep mealtimes and bedtimes to the same time every night as much as possible, so that baby will associate the bath time with time to go to sleep. Hopefully this can help you build a bedtime routine which leads to better sleep patterns.

Dim the lights

Black out blinds and dimming the lights (or getting a baby night light) in babies room can help to create a calm atmosphere that is conducive to sleep, this is particularly important in Summer when it may not actually get dark until after 9pm. If you add into this a soft and soothing bedtime story, or a soft lullaby, baby should start to relax and feel those eyes drooping.

If you have any further hints and tips that have helped your children sleep, please add them in the comments section below.

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