How to Look Good When Travelling

Travelling makes you feel tired regardless of the mode of transport you are using. It doesn’t mean that because you are going to spend more than half a day in that airplane that you shouldn’t care about your look.

Some people focus too much on their trip such that they forgot all about themselves and this shouldn’t be the case. Looking great always makes you feel great and confident too, and so you should make it your priority to look awesome all the time. Here are the tips to help you keep glowing during your trip.


Visit a spa before you leave

Treat yourself in the spa a day or two before your trip.  Massage will make you relax and when you are relaxed, you have no tension. Knowing how traveling causes tension, this definitely will be a great idea. Exfoliate your skin and have your nails and hair done neatly and attractively.

           Apply light make up

A little make up will take you a long way. Use moisturizer if you have dry skin to make it soft and if your skin is oily, use powder based foundation. Your eye lashes maybe left without mascara but don’t forget to apply and park a lip balm.

          Wear loose fitting outfits

It’ll be good if you can wear clothes that are not too tight on the day that you’re travelling. Being seated for long hours on the same position will definitely make you tired and you might even need to sleep to relax. Being in a tight outfit will make the situation worse. Wear your favorite fabric material cloth that will not crease so easily.

 Wear in layers

Wearing a sweater when you are travelling is good for you as it will keep you warm and also free up your luggage space. You can also add a scarf and a hat to keep stylish. However, they can always be removed easily in case the temperature rises. Remember to park light to avoid all the hassle of a carrying a heavy luggage. Check the guide to make packing more efficient on Tourist 2 Traveler.

         Stay hydrated

Take lots of water on your journey to keep your body hydrated. When your body is well hydrated, your health is good including your skin health. Also remember to have a healthy snack onboard such an apple.

         Avoid touching your face

Keep your hands off your face at all times. This will prevent your skin from being infected by the germs on your hands. Make sure to carry anti-bacterial wipes and or anti-bacterial hand wash.

        Wear light comfortable shoes

When traveling wear the most comfortable pair of shoes you have and especially if you’re driving. Do not dare to travel in a brand new shoes as they are not comfortable at all.

Looking good improves your self-esteem and confidence. It is therefore something worth your time. Always strive to look your best no matter the situation you are in. Do not dress for the sake of it, dress decently every time you’re walking out and you will earn yourself a respect from other people out there.