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How To Make A New Mom’s Life Easier: Thoughtful Present Ideas That She Will Love

Being a new mom is a blessing but it is definitely an incredibly overwhelming time for many moms and they can use all the help they can get. If the new mom doesn’t prepare correctly while pregnant, the joy of having a little one in the family can be quickly overshadowed by the responsibility of finding all the necessary items to care for the baby. However, there are some things you can do for your friend to make her motherhood journey easier and give her the much needed peace of mind. From baby clothes to special gear for the little one, here are a few things that make thoughtful presents for those who recently gave birth to a baby.

Nursery essentials 

After the baby’s arrival, the nursery becomes the most important room in the house and it definitely needs a lot of necessities to create a safe and comfortable environment for the newborn. Discuss with the mom what she needs and ask her to make a wishlist so that you can get her something that she will 100% find helpful. Things like cribs, bassinets, changing tables, or mattresses are always welcomed and can help create the perfect sleeping place for the little one. Additionally, a baby monitor can also make a wonderful present, as it will allow the new parents to keep an eye on the baby from another room or even when one of them is not at home. 

Baby clothes 

Have you ever heard a new mom complaining that her baby has too many clothes? Me neither. Every baby needs to be changed at least once a day, and onesies are arguably one of the thighs that new moms need the most. These garments should be comfortable, don’t restrict the movement, and don’t irritate the skin, which is exactly what makes these Irish baby onesies the perfect choice for a present. They are made of delicate yet durable fabrics that are gentle to the baby’s skin and come in lots of both fun and cute designs which will make the little one look even more adorable. Moreover, Irish baby onesies are easy to wash and take care of, which makes one less thing for the mom to worry about. 

Diapers and baby wipes 

One who doesn’t have kids might think that diapers and baby wipes are not a real present, as they are trivial things that seem too silly to be given as a gift. Experienced parents, however, gladly recognize them as some of the most useful presents that always come in handy during the first year of the baby’s life. A newborn needs an average of 6 to 7 diapers a day, so you are doing the new mom a huge favor by giving her a few boxes of diapers in different sizes and all kinds of hypoallergenic baby wipes. 

Feeding supplies 

Although feeding a baby might seem like an easy thing to do, there are tons of things that you can get for your friend to help her make this process more comfortable and stress-free. If she is breastfeeding, then a special breastfeeding pillow can be a helpful tool that will make the baby stay more comfortable and provide the needed support when nursing. Baby bottle warmers and sterilizers are also great present ideas that will make feeding the baby easier and safer both for the mom and the little one. Finally, a high chair or a booster seat for feeding is an excellent present for when the baby is a bit older and needs their own place at the table. 

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