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If there’s one thing that can totally change the look of a room and allow you to add your own personality to a space, it is the addition of art work. Whether you opt for a canvas print, a poster or a wall mural, you can add colour, theme and personality to any space, and can stamp your own mark on a wall that was little more than a blank space.

Photowall is a Swedish wall-art company passionate about creating inspiring living spaces with personality. They say:-

Photowall consists of passionate people from Sweden  whose hearts beat for design. 

We believe that the walls of a room affect how we  

feel. That’s why our mission is to help people fill their  walls with great art.

Photowall has a great range of wall art that celebrates work that ranges from the traditional to the abstract, uses a range of mediums including photography and paintings, and can then produce these as a canvas in a range of sizes, a poster, a wall mural or even wallpaper. Shipping is very quick (within 1-3 days) and there is a 30 day money back guarantee if you change your mind.

I chose a large canvas print for my living room from Photowall, one which encapsulates the Art Deco style that I love. The Black Manhattan Radio City Music Hall is a glorious vintage photo of an iconic building that I knew would be a stunning focal point to our room, particularly as we have neutral cream walls.

The print was delivered unmounted, but actually getting it mounted and onto your wall is really quick and easy, with a simple video on the site which takes you through all the steps. You don’t need any tools, everything you need is in the box. The width and height of the canvas is 70 x 100cm, which was perfect for our wall space, but this can be adjusted for your own order, as each canvas can be bespoke.

If you are looking to transform the look of a room in your home, or are looking for a gift for someone moving into a new home, then look no further than Photowall. Wall Art is the perfect way to change the look of a room without having to change all the furniture and fittings, and it can add interest to even the dullest of settings. It can help you create a theme or a mood for your room, and can become a treasured part of your style and setting.

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