Improve Your Garden This Autumn

With Autumn here you may think your garden is a no go area until Spring comes around again, but that is not the case. This post is looking at some of the things you can do and add in order to make your garden look good, and make sure it is a place of sanctuary, relaxation and fun for all your family.

Artificial Grass

If you like a lawn area for your garden, but would prefer something that is low maintenance and both child and animal friendly, you should take a look at artificial grass. As you can imagine, it needs no watering, no weeding and no mowing, so it is purely there for your enjoyment.

Artificial grass is great if you have kids who like to play football in the garden, making a great safe surface to play on, and is also brilliant for hosting barbecues and general entertaining. It looks great, will not aggrevate Hay fever, and will last for years, definitely worth investing in.


For me, the smell of a barbecue is the smell of the summer but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them during the autumn, especially with Halloween and Bonfire Night the perfect time to enjoy hotdogs and burgers. There really is nothing like cooking and eating outdoors. The great thing about barbecues is that they come in all different sizes, so whether you have a large garden, or small patio, you can find something that will be suitable for your space.  Most garden centres stock a good range of both charcoal and gas varieties. If you have enough space, you might even like to consider a horizontal smoker. Smokers are a great option for both BBQ’ing meat whilst adding in packets full of smoked flavour.


We invested in a new garden table and chairs last year, and it was definitely one of the best buys we made. Enjoying your garden is much easier when you have something nice to sit on and relax. Other good investments include benches, a hammock with stand or a lounger for those really sunny days, and a comfortable chair or bench where you can sit and enjoy a book.

Get some lighting

I think the one thing that can really change the look and feel of your garden is lighting, This could be in the form of fairy style lights that go around a gazebo or Summer house, or solar lights of all sizes that can be added to borders and planters. Garden lighting can cost as little as £1 from Poundland and can go into the hundreds for Victorian style lamp posts. Garden lighting is just wonderful if you choose to use your garden in the evenings, whether to sit outside with a glass of wine, or use it to entertain.