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Even though we may still have a bit of Summer left to enjoy (and maybe an Indian Summer if we are very lucky), the shops are already turning their attentions to the new season. Fashion stores are beginning to show off the new trends, and there is already a hint of, don’t say it, Christmas in the supermarkets. When it comes to our jewelry, the same is true, new trends and styles are appearing that will compliment your Autumn/Winter 22 wardrobe. In this post Yeajewel show us some of the trends that we will be wearing next.


When it comes to fashion jewelry, pearls are always a popular choice. This is because pearls are one of the most versatile styles of jewelry that exists. They can be simple and elegant which makes them a great choice for everyday wear, they can also be larger and ostentatious in the way Coco Chanel used to wear them, with rows and rows of larger beads worn over her little black dress. They have been worn by 1980s Madonna in her Boy Toy era, and were a real favourite of Princess Diana. Quite simply, they are iconic.

This season you can wear them simple and elegant as a small drop earring that would work for any occasion.

You could chanel a more street, Jennifer Lopez style with a pearl hoop, this would look great with a more casual daytime look of jeans and a t-shirt, as well as being statement pieces with you evening look.

Heartbeat Styles

If your preference is for something that resembles fine jewelry styles without the fine jewelry prices, then you may choose to wear one of the new heartbeat styles. These are pendent style necklaces that subvert the usual ‘loveheart; by adding a heartbeat symbol like you would find on a heart monitor machine. These are lovely looking necklaces, still maintain a look that is elegant and would work with most outfits, but also have a touch of fun about them, and are slightly unusual, a real talking point.

Hair Accessories

If not with your jewelry, you can make a statement with your hair accessories, and this season, there is a definite focus on the past, with lots of pretty vintage styles that will certainly take your outfit up a notch or two. This season, it is all about choosing your decade – do you want to go back to the 1970s with some gorgeous cherry style hairbands, or do you want to chanel fifties glamour with Hermes style bands?

If these decades are not your style, you could go back to the swinging sixties with a simple Alice band that comes in a range of colours, or could get some 1920s ‘Peaky Blinders‘ elegance with jewelled hair clips and slides that work so well on a chic bobbed hair style.

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