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Interior Design Trends For 2018 – What Did People Really Think?

It has often been said that an Englishman’s home is his castle, but whilst we may think that of the building itself, it seems we old very different ideas when it comes to how we choose to decorate our castle. 2018 has seen a whole raft of interior design ideas that have been influenced by the past, by television and film., even by our Summer holidays. But the opinions about these kinds of designs seem to vary greatly according to where we live.

Chapel Interiors who create beautiful wall coverings and paint, carried out an interior taste survey. They questioned 1,250 people on the year’s top interior design trends, including Tropical Décor, Maximalism, Rich Pigments, Velvet Woodland Retreat, Ice Cream Pastels, Pendant Lighting, and Fringed Accessories. They also challenged people to describe the key interior trends of 2018 using just one word. The results were interesting to say the least.

This year’s ice cream pastels trend proved to be very popular in the Midlands, my neck of the woods. In fact, it proved to be the number one trend for interiors in 2018 in the Midlands, contrasting strongly against the Scots, who loved the tropical trend with its green leaves and bright prints, and those in the North East, who very much enjoyed the Nordic Noir trend of black everything inspired by programmes like The Bridge and The Killing.

One area where there did seem to be more of a consensus was the trend for woodland retreat styles. Maybe it was because we are heading into cold weather again after our lovely summer, but people seem to really like the log cabin style decor and those deep brown and berry shades, finding them warm and cosy. The trend for maximalism was also unpopular, with the most common word used to describe it being ‘busy’, particularly amongst the older generation.

Of course, decor, and your taste in it is a personal thing, and even geography doesn’t really affect that, but the survey does make an interesting read, particular when you consider how quickly trends and must have items lose favour, and how things suddenly come back into fashion with a new audience,

Who knows what 2018 will bring?

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