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There was a time when just the words vinyl flooring could bring people out in a cold sweat. Vinyl flooring meant Lino didn’t it, that sort of 1970s hell that you found in the tackiest of kitchens, patterned in every shade, just as long as it was brown. Sure it was practical and you could wipe it clean, but stylish, covetable, modern – it wasn’t really ticking any boxes.

But now, things couldn’t be more different. Vinyl flooring, and vinyl floor tiles can still offer all the practicality of being wipe clean, making it a perfect option if you have a young family prone to spills and messes (although, thinking about it, that sums me up too.) But you can also choose from a range of designs, which can suit any room, with both traditional and ultra modern designs. In particular, Amtico Flooring, which is actually made in the Midlands, in Coventry, shows that vinyl flooring can now be a real style statement in your home.


Fay Flooring, which offers amtico flooring in Essex has a range that shows just how varied vinyl floors and tiles can now be. I was super surprised to see that there are tiles that resemble exquisite Parquet flooring – an expensive option if you opt for the real thing, especially if you also need it professionally fitted. There are designs that resemble ceramic tiles which are perfect for beautiful bathrooms and kitchens, and you can pretty much find any pattern you seek, whether for a full floor, or to add as a border to a plain tile.


Vinyl Tiles have certainly come a long way from their 1970s origins, and, as a hard wearing, durable option, that works in both a small or larger space, they are definitely an option worth looking into if you are making over a room this Autumn.


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9 thoughts on “Interiors focus – Vinyl flooring

  1. My mum recently replaced stone tiles in her kitchen with Lino – at first I was sceptical, but it was actually a really good choice! 🙂

  2. Photo backgrounds you genius! Worked in the flooring game and it’s all about vinyl. You can get vinyl planks that click together now too. So clever, waterproof and cheap

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