iZettle – The 12 Hour Store

iZettle is a company that helps people run their small businesses from smartphones and tablets using a very special app. The app allows you to set up an online library of products, which can then be added to and organised so that you can then accept card payments. The payments can be processed quickly, whether they are cash or card, with iZettle also providing the means of offering your customers a choice of receipt format – via email or in print.

The iZettle app is a great resource for helping very small businesses to grow. So it is totally apt that the company has recently been involved with a project which again offers support for small and new businesses – by placing them in the heart of London’s Oxford Street.

The 12 hour shop took six small businesses, and set them up in a special flagship pop-up shop in the heart of London’s most busy shopping thoroughfares – Oxford Street. Each business had 12 hours trading time in this dream destination, with a grand opening and closing all occuring in the same day. From Christmas jumpers to special blends of tea, the pop up shop gave the small businesses a way of putting their product out there – with iZettle giving them the opportunity to empower their ideas.

It’s a great, uplifting video and is well worth a look.

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