Best of Britannia launches at The Mailbox

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Best of Britannia launched today in Birmingham’s Mailbox at the start of a 4 day pop up space. The Pop up is a showcase of leading high-end independent British brands, covering everything from fashion and lifestyle to food and drink. With Black Friday taking place and Christmas on the way, now is the perfect time to get yourself into Birmingham in order to pick up an unusual gift idea that will delight even those who are trickiest to please.


Today was an excuse to get familiar with the 11 brands that are being showcased, and to also enjoy the unusual, but totally delicious spirit liqueurs  on offer from The Sweet Potato Company (the Toffee Apple was divine!).  There was also celebratory fizz and mini burgers to fill the lunchtime gap.



I was really impressed with the lovely selection of brands involved in the showcase. The leather driving gloves from Gizelle Renee are beautiful pieces of luxury that would make an incredible Christmas gift, and this goes ditto for the exquisite silk scarves from Furious Goose, which have incredible patterns and are beautifully gift boxed.



The leather satchels and handbags from The Leather Satchel Company are real showstoppers, coming in a range of sizes and colours, and with the prestige and heritage of being the first satchel company. There is also a range of soft, luxurious knitwear from Ross Barr and Genevieve Sweeney, unusual ceramics from Stolen Form and original clothing designs from A-MM-E (their beige coat was so amazing, as was the gold lace and foil skirt.









And then of course, there was that delicious liqueur from the Artisan company The Sweet Potato Company. With names like Pink Marshmallow Moonshine and Toffee Apple Moonshine they were pretty hard to resist, and when you then ties in the gorgeous bottle and bottle bags making them already wrapped for Christmas, then these become a no-brainer for your Christmas list, and worth a trip to the Mailbox to pick up a bottle or two. (Can you guess that I really liked these?)


Best of Britannia will be running at The Mailbox until Sunday 27th November, stop by and pick up a Christmas gift or two.

Best Dress Colours to Wear For Prom Night



Choosing the right colour for your skin tone and individual style are important for pulling off a great look for prom. It really comes down to what fits you best and what shade you ultimately feel most comfortable in.

To get an idea of the variety of shades in the market, check the dresses at Peaches Boutique. There you will find a mixture of styles that come in various colours, so when you find one you love, you can try it out in a different shade!

Once you have done your research and discovered somewhere that supplies the dress you want, it’s time to decide on the colour! Ideally, you want to slip into a dress and know instantly it is the right shade for you.

Peaches Boutique is now a renowned supplier of exquisite prom dresses with designer and couture ranges. There has been much growth happening for the popular prom dress seller, and you can find out more about their humble beginnings by clicking the link.

This article will discuss some great tips for getting to know what colour works on you perfectly.


First, it’s best to consider your skins undertones.

We all have a different undertone below the surface of our main skin tone. This is the shade we want to ensure the potential prom dress matches with. The skin undertones can be split up into three main groups which are:

  • Cool (reddish undertones)
  • Warm (peachy or gold undertones)
  • Neutral (a combination of both)

Now, you have determined your skins undertone it’s time to choose the best shade for you! It is widely accepted that warm undertones tend to suit red, orange, yellow and cream dresses. If you are cool then blues, deeper greens and purples will look like they were made for you. Alternatively, if you are a combination of the two then you have some flexibility to alternate between the two.


That being said, let’s check out some of the best colour gowns in for 2016:

  • White/neutral shades: white is no longer the typical wedding dress colour (well not for prom at least). For 2016 white prom dresses have been popular for the more bohemian and free-flowing look. It’s simple and it’s chic!
  • Bold reds: red prom dresses have always been a head-turner and are definitely one of the most stand-out colours. If you want to create an impact and embrace your sexy side, then a red prom dress will help!
  • Gold/silver/black combinations: this timeless, yet elegant colour combination is beautiful for two-pieces which are really big this year. Not only that but for A-line and mermaid gowns this seems to be a really great choice for a glamorous prom look.

Those are the tips I can suggest to you. Take note of these tips whenever you’re searching for a prom dress so you can be certain that you’ll be wearing a dress that looks great on you.

Introducing Babythingz

When you have a baby, particularly if it is your first child, you suddenly become very aware that they require a lot of ‘things’. Things to sleep in, sit in, move in, eat in, the amount of stuff that a baby, and then toddler needs in those first two years of its life could fill a small warehouse. And, while many expectant moms do forward plan, for others, there is that running around like an endless chicken trying to collect all those much needed ‘things’, whilst pushing a pram and trying to work out how to get it all in the car.

Which is why Babythingz is such a brilliant website for new parents to bookmark. It is a one stop shop for all things baby, and helps you to avoid the endless trips to Mothercare with a crying baby in tow. Babythingz mission statement is ” to offer exciting products at great prices, give practical clear advice and superior levels of service.” They’re stockists of many famous and respected baby brands, including BabyStyle, Britax, Quinny, Pink Lining, Maxi-Cost and Phil and Teds. They pride themselves on stocking whatever you are looking for, and promise something to fit your taste and budget.

 Pink Lining Yummy Mummy Changing Bag (Navy Bows) Changing Bags £79.00 Click to visit Babythingz

Pink Lining Yummy Mummy Changing Bag (Navy Bows)
Changing Bags
Click to visit Babythingz

One of the things I really like about the Babythingz site is that it offers sound advice for those who are looking to buy a pram or a pushchair system. This is one of the most expensive purchases new parents can buy, so you want to make sure you buy the right model, one that will last you as long as possible. Babythingz asks and answers all the frequently asked questions about this particular purchase.

 Out n About Little Nipper (Marine Blue) Pushchairs now £199.00 click to visit Babythingz

Out n About Little Nipper (Marine Blue)
now £199.00 click to visit Babythingz

Currently Babythingz is offering amazing savings on all things related to Out n About, including the buggies and accessories, whilst ABC Design are offering a free carrycot with some of their best selling pushchair systems. It is also worth signing up to the free newsletter to get all the latest discount codes and offers.

ABC Design Cobra 3-Wheeler Pushchair (Silver) £420 click to visit Babythingz

ABC Design Cobra 3-Wheeler Pushchair (Silver) £420 click to visit Babythingz

Have you ever used Babythingz before?