iZettle – The 12 Hour Store

iZettle is a company that helps people run their small businesses from smartphones and tablets using a very special app. The app allows you to set up an online library of products, which can then be added to and organised so that you can then accept card payments. The payments can be processed quickly, whether they are cash or card, with iZettle also providing the means of offering your customers a choice of receipt format – via email or in print.

The iZettle app is a great resource for helping very small businesses to grow. So it is totally apt that the company has recently been involved with a project which again offers support for small and new businesses – by placing them in the heart of London’s Oxford Street.

The 12 hour shop took six small businesses, and set them up in a special flagship pop-up shop in the heart of London’s most busy shopping thoroughfares – Oxford Street. Each business had 12 hours trading time in this dream destination, with a grand opening and closing all occuring in the same day. From Christmas jumpers to special blends of tea, the pop up shop gave the small businesses a way of putting their product out there – with iZettle giving them the opportunity to empower their ideas.

It’s a great, uplifting video and is well worth a look.

90:10 for men who are 90% grown up.

Every so often, a new design concept just comes along to make you smile. 90:10, a brand new name in mens clothing, does just that. 90:10 is a new and exciting brand for men. The 90:10 name comes from the mantra of the company, that men can be 90% Grown up, but with the other 10% remaining a kid at heart – something I think most men (particularly the ones in my life) would totally identify with.

The company is the brainchild of Dan Glatman, who wanted to create designs that were not aimed at teenagers, but instead at grown men who still know how to have a good time and not take themselves too seriously, even when life is serious and tough. Dan explains ‘…we all have responsibilities, but I don’t accept that just because I am no longer a teenager, or in my early 20’s, I have lost the ability to have fun or have forgotten how to enjoy myself…quite the contrary! This is what a guy is expressing about himself if he wears 90:10..For the lion’s share of the time, we all have to take life seriously but not all the time!’

The brand is concerned with casual day wear, hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts and polo tops, and is currently a capsule collection, but one that is being added to and built upon. I was sent one of the signature pieces from the range – the 90:10 Signature hooded top in Azur blue and have to say I was impressed by the quality and style of the product.

90:10 "Signature" Embroidered Pullover Hoodie £42 (including free delivery).

90:10 “Signature” Embroidered Pullover Hoodie £42 (including free delivery). Click to visit 90:10

This is a great hoodie. The cotton is pure organic, and the feel is that this is something you could easily wear every day – not to bulky, so easy enough to wear a denim jacket over the top. The hood is double layered, so it does have the element of warmth you may need if you are stranded outdoors and the weather turns cool.


The Logo


Drawstring detail on the neck.

I like the elements of cool that make this such a great top. The logo is tasteful, big enough to please those who love their labels, but not ostentatious. The drawstrings give this a slight 80s casual look (this wouldn’t look out of place on Danny Dyer in The Business – one of my fave style films.), and the vibrant colour keeps this theme going. For those who love pockets, the deep fronted pockets are an absolute bonus.

90:10 is a concept with great products that would be an idea if you are looking for Christmas gifts this year.

Here are a few more products from this new brand.

90:10 Zip Up Style Hoodie with Embroidered Signature Logo £42 click to visit 90:10

90:10 Zip Up Style Hoodie with Embroidered Signature Logo £42 click to visit 90:10

 90:10 Raglan Sleeve Sweatshirt with Embroidered Signature Logo £40.00 Click to visit 90:10

90:10 Raglan Sleeve Sweatshirt with Embroidered Signature Logo
£40.00 Click to visit 90:10

 90:10 Classic Embroidered T- shirt with Signature Logo £18.00 click to visit 90:10

90:10 Classic Embroidered T- shirt with Signature Logo
£18.00 click to visit 90:10

To view all products, click here.

Family Fever



Made in Italy – Sister & Sister

The latest in my series of birthday week reviews brings something a little bit topical on the day that England take on Italy in the World Cup. As you can imagine, with a name like Iannarilli I am torn in my support, cheering England all the way, but also hoping Italy get through too, as I have a partial Italian family and just love the Country. I also love the style and design that comes from Italy and so am very happy to introduce Sister & Sister.

Sister & Sister are Simona Guarducci and Rosy Gadda Conti. The idea behind the brand is that ‘dreams do leave a mark…and they can leave it directly on fabric.’ Rosy is a super talented illustrator who creates beautiful and whimsical illustrations and designs, featuring animals, flowers and the stuff of dreams. These designs have been transferred into t-shirts and tops that are fun, unique and striking in their originality.  The brand has partnered with small artisans to give the products the stamp of quality and attention to detail. This has led to a collection that is truly eye-catching and unusual.




IMG_1953-e1398276484303I opted to review the beautiful poppy print top that was described as ‘blush fields on the cheeks of spring’. (How pretty is that). I have to say this is a truly lovely top. The cotton is quite delicate rather than thick, but stretches well and adds to the general romantic feel of the top. The floral print is vibrant, almost like a watercolour painting, and is further enhanced by the black tiny beads that are central to the flowers. I loved the gently scooped neckline, which is much more flattering than a normal round neck design, and the sleeves are not tight, but fit the arms comfortably.



DSCN7690[1]I chose to style my t-shirt in an ultra feminine way, with a pleated chiffonskirt from Very and pink and turquoise shoes from Kurt Geiger. But this top would also look fabulous with cut-off jeans and a kimono jacket for a summer festival, or with jeans and a blazer for drinks at a bar. It is versatile, and the lovely soft cotton means it is a great option for warm days.



DSCN7688[1]Sister & Sister create beautiful pieces that will blend perfectly in your wardrobe. My t-shirt costs 36 euros which I think is good value for such a lovely piece.

Click here to visit Sister & Sister.