Jewelry With The Perfect Engraved Messages

Many people love to read quotes either by famous people or about different themes such as love, wisdom, peace, happiness, you name it. When you give a gift to someone with a personalized message engraved on it, it makes it ten times more sentimental and gives the receiver a sense of belonging. 

But when you are thinking of doing this for someone how do you come up with the best ideas to tick all the boxes in personalizing the gift, as well as being unique and significant? The below is a quick guide to help you out. But first a brief overview of the different types of engraving done on metal.

Laser Engraving

There are ideally two main forms of engraving that is done on metal pieces such as Jewellery, spoons, plates and various other items made of metal. One is the Rotary engraving and the other is common in the method that uses a laser.

The latter is accomplished by the use of a high-powered laser that does the job of etching on the top layer of the material. If you want words or a particular design placed on it, these are first uploaded to a computer program and the rest is done via the tool to place the design onto the surface of the material on the Jewellery.

The great thing about this method is that you can be as specific as you want. You would also find Laser marking which is a variation of this type of etching that marks objects and can change the color of an object, however not through ink but rather through chemical alteration.  More about this can be found here  

When using this method, both the diameter of the lines i.e. the thickness can be adjusted and also the intensity, i.e. how deep you want it to go beneath the surface. This is a great technique that can be used for the majority of materials even the ones that are sensitive and delicate. So, no matter what you want to be accomplished and on whichever material, it can be done using this practice.  

The advantage of using this form of practice is that there is no need for any extra accessories, which may be included in other forms, such as drill bits, as the machine itself comes with everything needed such as the laser, and controller, and there is less upkeep with it too.

Rotary Engraving

The second option you have is known as the Rotary method. How this works is via a cutting tool that rotates on a motorized spindle. This results in grooves created onto the surface of any material, however, is of a specific depth, as the tip of the cutter. This is a popular choice when trying to etch onto plastic key tags, name badges, awards and signage. It can also be successfully used on acrylic, brass, and aluminum when needed to perform deeper cuts.

It can be used to make highly complex designs as well as simple ones through a computerized and routing system. The small “bit” made of diamonds, is used to create the grooves on the item and it can be done either traditional via means of hand engraving using a tool, or mechanically, where, similarly to the laser option, a design is uploaded to a computer program.  

The downside to this technique is that there is minimal flexibility when it comes to the thickness of the grooves, as it is only as thin or thick as the bit itself. Another aspect is that when this part gets overused it needs to be replaced with a new one, not to mention the process takes slightly longer than any other especially when doing it the traditional way manually. 

There is another aspect to consider with this, and that is the limitation of materials this can be done on. It cannot be used on the majority of materials and items that are sensitive or delicate may not withstand the pressure and could crack, get damaged or break easily. The bit is made of diamonds, and as we known diamond precious stones are the hardest substance minerals found on earth, so are very strong and need to be handled carefully:

Selecting the Right Message

Now that you know which of the two means you can get your Jewellery personalized with, how about we think about some great messages? There is an assortment of different messages you can add when giving someone something of sentiment, and below are just a few you can choose from:


Symbols can mean anything however the most popular choices amongst a lot of people are things such as zodiac signs, mythical signs, playful symbols like emojis, or a romantic symbol like a heart.

Initials or Names

You can choose to get their initials placed on a pendant or bracelet or ring. (check out Puravida Bracelets) You can also do this for yourself and it is a timeless and limitless gift. Something for you and your partner could be a great idea too.


Another really good idea is to place a personal message on the item. Such as a mom who is giving her daughter a birthday piece could say to my daughter necklace from mom or a quote that resonates with them adds a significant and personal touch to the item. These can also be passed on from generation to generation. 


Drawings make a great message too. If you are a creative person you can draw something significant to you and the other person to add a creative streak to it. Such a line drawing of the persons face, or hand, and even a landscape if you so desire!

We hope the above guide has helped you to pick the best one to last you and the receiver a lifetime!

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