Ladies Day At Wolverhampton Grand – Meet The Characters

Ladies Day, this year’s in-house production from the Wolverhampton Grand, opens this Friday. Last week I was lucky enough to meet the fabulous ensemble cast Cheryl Fergison, Deena Payne, Emma Rigby, Roisin O Neill and Sean McKenzie and chat to them about all things Ladies Day.

You can find more posts about Ladies Day on the blog this week, and a full review of the show next Wednesday, but today I will start by letting the actors introduce their characters to you. (You can find out more about Ladies Day on the Wolverhampton Grand Website here)

About the Characters…

Deena Payne is Pearl

I play Pearl, who is about to retire from the fish factory, but doesn’t really want to. The girls want to take her out somewhere, but she has a huge secret. She doesn’t want to go to Popworld, and really wants to go to the races, but how does she know so much about racing? Pearl is seen as solid and respected, a good wife and mother and grandmother, but during the course of the day as they enjoy a drink, history comes out along with hidden secrets.

Cheryl Fergison is Jan

I play Jan, a single mother who works hard to keep her daughter. Her husband has been thrown out and her secret is revealed later in the play. Jan is loyal and hard working. She  loves tradition and the institution of marriage. She also love the Queen and the Royal Family. She is a loyal friend to Pearl, and the trip to the races is life changing.

Roisin O Neill is Linda

I play Linda. She had a tumultuous upbringing and came to Wolverhampton to live with her grandmother. She’s been working at the fish plant ever since. Linda has no aspirations, her life is dull but deep down she does want to change her current circumstances. At the races everyone faces their trials and tribulations, and Linda finally grows in strength. Oh, and she’s a massive Tony Christie fan…


Emma Rigby is Shelley

I play Shelley who is a fantastic character to play. Shelley is acting behind a mask, a false truth, she’s really playing a role and hiding who she really is. In the play we do find out who she is and it is quite illuminating to see how people present themselves. All the characters are driven by desperation in some way.


Sean McKenzie is…

I play 6 different characters:-

Joe is the fish factory supervisor. He’s a great friend to Pearl and has unrequited love for Jan.

Fred is the ticket sales. He’s chavvy and on a tag and sells overpriced tickets.

Jim is the TV racing sports commentator and a z list celebrity. He’s smarmy and thinks he’s a- list. He puts pressure on one of the girls. He has funny elements, but also a dark side that is a little seedy.

Patrick is an Irish jockey who now rides old nags and never wins the races. He has been racing for years, but now doesn’t eat anything and is literally starving, living on coffee and cigarettes.

Kevin is a West Brom boy who has lost his money and his ticket.

Finally we have Benny the bookie. He is quite significant in the story….wait and see!

Tickets for LADIES’ DAY are now on sale at the Grand Theatre Box Office in person, by calling 01902 42 92 12 or online at

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